A special congratulations to all of the students whose projects were mentioned during yesterday's live event:  
- Andrea from Italy  http://goo.gl/zLVw2
- Andrea Wilson Vasquez from MN   http://goo.gl/m7ljv
- Gary M from MA   http://goo.gl/JTVBk
- Gary Miller    http://goo.gl/M2Csd
- Candace Nast    http://goo.gl/KTxn3
- Avataide from Lisbon   http://goo.gl/wq10J
- Andrew Parnel from New Zealand   http://goo.gl/eaO24
- Travis M from Pennsylvania   http://goo.gl/vO8MW
- Wine Map   http://goo.gl/sSoSq

Peter Birch's sailing example:  http://goo.gl/DIkQJ
More of Sean Askay's work: http://google.com/cop15

If you missed the live broadcast, check it out below!
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