Google Field Trip lets you learn at your own pace...literally

One of Google's newest apps, Field Trip, is taking a different approach to online learning, this time on your smartphone or tablet.  Using placemarks curated by Atlas Obscura, Zagat, Arcadia Publishing and others, Field Trip shares the stories behind notable landmarks and historic places we pass by everyday.  Learn a little more as you keep to your regular routine.
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Dan O
Now if Google would only hire a few people who actually TEACH something in higher education, and let them drive the project... instead of letting engineers run things... thereby creating yet ANOTHER Google product that is technically excellent, but essentially bombs with real people and the masses in the real world!

Oh well...
Google, think also toimplement courses in Spanish. So many people in LatinAmerica wish to have free technical courses,like math,Office,etc.
A few weeks ago I was in my home town, New Castle, Delaware, a small town with deep history. Unexpectedly, my Nexus 7 sent an alert from Field Trip with an interesting bit of local history. Is there any way for people to contribute to the Field Trip knowledgebase? 

The average age in New Castle is above 80, so it's not exactly a hotbed of technology. However, if the First State National Historical Park Act of 2011 ever gets funded, New Castle could become the headquarters for Delaware's first national park (currently the only state that has no national park). Since this little town goes back to the 17th century, there is a lot of local history that would be useful for Field Trip, and I would love to become a contributor.
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