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Google Trends has added a new feature this week where searchers can  "Subscribe" to any search topic, Hot Searches for any country, or any U.S. monthly Top Chart.  

This is distinct from original offerings where email updates where triggered by new stories.  Now, clicking on the "Subscribe" button will generate updates even when news is not trending on these topics.   
Stay up to date with the hottest searches on Google with new email notifications for Google Trends. You can subscribe to any search topic, Hot Searches for 47 countries, or any monthly U.S. Top Chart. So whether it’s "Game of Thrones," the top news stories from where your cousins live, or your favorite sports team, you’ll always be up to speed on the latest. Learn more: and get started at 
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Google just announced another open source adventure in its introduction of Project Ara, a modular device allowing users to swap out one computer component for a preferred camera, security feature, battery, etc.  The device comes in 3 different sizes and device "guts" are held in place by magnets. 

 Lifespan for these modular phablets (phones and tablets) is double the current new devices on the market since the individual parts can be swapped for alternative pieces. The company expects a 2015 release of these smartphones/tablets and a hopes for an overall reduction in electronic waste among technophiles.

This is cool for open source coders and those who "dabble" in open source robotics since there is direct application on the technology people are using everyday.  The open source app market has now gone 3D. 
Google is working on a modular smartphone dubbed Project Ara that can be customized by swapping out individual pieces of hardware.
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This week, we have a great learning opportunity for fans of  our Mapping With Google course and primatologist, Jane Goodall.  Dr. Goodall's 80th birthday is this Thursday and she will be hosting a special Hangout on Air for the occasion. Reaching more people than ever before, Jane will speak on the impact of modern technology in conservation and announce  the launch of a global community mapping initiative powered by Maps Engine Lite. 

Follow the link below to  post questions to Q&A and sign Jane's card here (!
For her special day, Jane didn't want gifts or special parties. All she wanted was to invite the world to help advance the mission and programs of the Jane Goodall Institute.  On this hangout, young people who are members of Jane Goodall's Roots & Shoots, the global environmental and humanitarian youth program of the Jane Goodall Institute, will gather with Dr. Goodall to wish her a happy 80th birthday and share information about projects they h...
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Google Online Learning

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If you missed today's live Hangout on Air for the Making Sense of Data MOOC (, you can watch it here! This Hangout on Air served as office hours for the course; we gave some additional tips for working with data and answered submitted course questions.

(Note: The HOA content starts at 9:01. You can access Max's spreadsheet here:
This Hangout On Air is hosted by Google Online Learning. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
Making Sense of Data: Hangout on Air #2
Wed, April 2, 1:00 PM
Hangouts On Air

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Thanks for this valuable course I've attended and finished the required projects and assesments
finally, I've received the certificate on this link:
on 4 April 8:30 (Cairo time +2) unfortunately I hadn't printed it and I wanted to print it now but the link doesn't work .so, I wanted to know if I can have the certificate by another method
and Thanks again
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Google’s latest MOOC, Making Sense of Data, starts on Tuesday, March 18th. Register now to participate and learn how to structure, visualize, and analyze information.

Register at  
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Is this a live tutorial. I see it is a pre recorded session
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Cool news for our friends in the UK:  Google's video streaming gadget, Chromecast, is now available locally to broadcast internet content onto other devices using wifi. To give you some content to experiment on, new users get a £5 credit on Google Play for whatever books, videos, etc suit their fancy.  The credit is even extended to early-adopters in the UK who may already own a device; they can cash in on the deal before its July expiration.  
With Google's Chromecast streaming dongle now fully settled in the UK, the great provider (of search results) has kicked off a promotional program
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Funding from Google and Intel has seen the development of some surprisingly accurate software to predict the aging process of people through the course of their lives.    

Specifically, scientists at University of Washington compiled a photo database and used this to derive an algorithm to generate a surprisingly accurate representation of the same individual across 14 distinct age groups. 

Check out the comparison photos, methodology and software developed for this project by clicking the link below. 
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Google Online Learning

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Check out the review our latest course, Making Sense of Data, received on today's Educast (#137).  We queued up Chris Betcher's comments below although hearing this panel of dynamic educators talk shop for the full podcast is totally worth it.  

For those of you who signed up for the course but haven't started, you still have time to get through the material before the course closes on April 4, 2014.  Good luck!
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Hi +Terrence Aybar !  There are 2 Analytics courses available for self study right now
Let us know how you like them!
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If you missed today's live Hangout on Air for the Making Sense of Data MOOC, you can watch it here!  For those of you who are not taking the course, there is still time to learn techniques with which to analyze and apply the world's information to find trends and make guesses about future results. Visit to get started.

(Note: The HOA content starts at 9:00. To see some of the answered questions, click on the Q&A annotation in the bottom-left of the video player to open up a viewing window. You can access the spreadsheet from the lesson here: )
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Add-ons for Google Docs and Sheets may have changed online work forever.

This new option for Google users integrates 3rd party App into the standard Docs and Sheets functions.   Some of the major conveniences include automatic Twitter trackers, mail merge and even an app to maintain customized citation formats when you are authoring a term paper. Watch the explanation below more details!
LAUNCH: Add-ons for Google Docs and Sheets

Educators and students alike use Docs and Sheets to get schoolwork done. Today we launched add-ons for Google Docs and Sheets to make them even more useful. Now you can do things like grade papers or create bibliographies with ease. Once you install an add-on, it will become available across all of your documents or spreadsheets and you can start using it right away. Learn more at
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So 3rd party apps are ok in Docs and Sheets...but disabled by Chrome? 
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