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Here's the official site of the Google Engineering Residency program.  A one-year program to transform early-career computer scientists into the next generation of technology leaders.
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Here's another great class created with Google's Course Builder: 
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Students who do well in a series of free online courses will enhance their chances of being accepted into a supply-chain-management program on the campus.
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Hi, l need help pls, how can l register in e - learning
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If you haven't had a chance, it's not too late to take our latest course, Computational Thinking Course that runs through the end of September.
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Hola amiga
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Have them in circles
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Want to learn more about how to enhance your teaching practices and overall student learning? Sign up now for Google's free, online course on computational thinking (, designed to help educators explore and learn the benefits of this problem solving process as well as how it can be applied across a variety of school subject areas, whether it’s computer science, humanities, math or science. This course runs from October 15th to December 20th and can be completed at your own pace, taking between 15-30 hours to complete. Note: if you previously took this course, but did not have the chance to finish, you can register and take it again!

To check out lessons and projects created by educators who have already started to think about integrating computational thinking into their work, visit To join in the discussion about computational thinking and learn from other educators from around the world, visit
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Have you seen The Digital Garage, Google's online course aimed at helping people sharpen their digital skills in the U.K.?  It's free of charge and you can take it now at your own pace.
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I have just taken 3 lessons from "the Digital Garage" course and I really recommend it. The course was created for people with a basic knowledge of online marketing and it explains every concept of it. I find this course really useful for its target. Videos are great, organization of the material is excellent and the progress line helps to monitor module duration. The course is based on gamification rules what it´s a plus and makes it more engaging.
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Check out the latest course announcement from Sesame Street. This course is built on Google's Course Builder! 

Calling All Early Childhood Educators!

The letter of the day is “O”…for registration is now OPEN!

Join us for Make Believe With Math!, our self-paced online course designed to help you make the most of math-nificent moments through pretend play. We welcome all educators who work with children ages 2-5 to join this online learning community.

The course will:

- Highlight the importance of math and pretend play in children’s lives
- Explore how a facilitator can integrate  “math moments” into children’s pretend play
- Offer an interactive learning experience during which educators can connect with others
This course will run August 1 through August 31.

Registering is as easy as 1,2,3!
You can now visit to officially register. Once you sign up, you will receive a confirmation email. We’ll also email you when the course opens on August 1, so you don’t miss class.

Questions?  Please email
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mathematic,life science,physical science 
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On this page, we post public announcements regarding Google's upcoming courses and timely news on the free and extensive learning resources available online. Google course-related content (including tips, extension activities, remediation) is also shared from this site and aligns with the topics covered in our classes each quarter.  

We welcome your comments and do our best to answer questions related to our courses. Given the volume of feedback we receive here, it is not always possible to respond individually to every comment.  Also, this G+ page does not provide product support (if you're having product issues, please visit our Help Center or the specific product's forum online). 

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