Political polling with Google Consumer Surveys

Did you know that you can run your own surveys, for little money and in just a few days, using Google Consumer Surveys? As a demonstration of the richness of polling data that our platform affords, today we're rolling out the Google Consumer Surveys Election Center (http://goo.gl/EljKO). This statistically significant, nationwide poll covers a wide range of topics, from the conventions to presidential candidates to issues. The data can be sliced and diced by geography, gender, age, income, and even urban density.

Google Consumer Survey insights come from people browsing the web who come across microsurveys where they answer a question or two to get access to high-quality online content. The company running the survey pays Google on a per-question-answered basis, and we share some of that money with the publisher hosting the survey. It's a great alternative to a paywall. Learn more at http://goo.gl/xobkw.
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