We've just launched a new Crisis Response site with info related to yesterday’s flooding in the Philippines, including a new Google Person Finder tool, an embeddable My Map of shelter locations, emergency contact information, and the latest from Google News and YouTube. 

Person Finder helps people track loved ones in the Philippines. The tool's translated into Filipino and English, and it can be easily embedded on your news site as you cover the aftermath. Just click “Embed this tool on your site” and grab the HTML code.

A new My Map includes shelter locations and a real-time model of the flood inundation, courtesy of Project NOAH. Also easily embeddable on your site, just click the “Share” button at the top of the map and grab the embed code. Note that the embed code will automatically display a map of the layers you’ve selected. 

(via http://www.google.org/crisisresponse/2012-08-philippines-flood.html)
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