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We’ve just updated some of our satellite imagery of North Korea, including the nuclear test facility in the North Hamgyong Province (LatLong: 41.278047,129.087372). This imagery was collected January 29, 2013, by DigitalGlobe. 

Download the KMZ file for Google Earth ( or grab the stills (

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some of the noble people are allowed to die for their country via starvation so the country can go on to rule iraq and afghaninstan .... oh my bad I confused USA and Healthcare with NK and food, and while I am glad to not be in NK, the truth is we weaponize while letting people die, they weaponize and the people starve ... shame on the Noble Leader(s) Father/Son, and I mean Jesus and "the" Father, who are responsible to a far greater degree than any recent dictators or elected leader(s) "Born-again Christian; thinker; romantic; slightly witty.Life, wisdom (and a company di... "
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