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Google Maps API

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Women Techmakers is now on Twitter

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I would love to go to this. I applied. Crossing my fingers!
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Save Time with Easy Maps API Integration from Java and Python

Are you a server side application developer that wants to use the Google Maps API services from either Java or Python? We have you covered.

We’ve launched a set of client side libraries for both languages that simplify and streamline integration to save you time in development. Check out the introduction video on what features they provide and which APIs they support right now. Bonus is that they’re open source too, so you can change them any way you like! 

Learn more on the Google Geo Developers blog:

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server side API intergration
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Google Maps API

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Want to find out how Google’s Cloud Platform can help you build a scalable geofencing service? 
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.With airborn fiberoptics.
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Great news everyone! You can now embed Street View and Photo Sphere imagery using both Google Maps and the Google Maps Embed API. These embeds use the new imagery viewer technology that powers the new Google Maps.
Several months back we released a new Google Maps Embed API which enables developers to generate HTML snippets that embed Google Maps within their own website. At that time, the astute reader may have noticed that Street View...
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trying to locate my phone with track my phone
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Google Maps API

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iNaturalist, the social naturalist network has passed a million observations viewable at and built with Google Maps APIs
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From Canton I'll to 2220 9TH ST Il
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JavaScript Maps API developers, we’re coming to you. Our utility libraries are moving to GitHub.
For years, we’ve hosted the open source utility libraries for the Google Maps JavaScript API on Google Code. These libraries provide additional functionality that developers can add to their maps applications. They also show ...
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Now. That's done :3 let's work on google plus APIs!
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Have them in circles
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Today we released several improvements to transit directions in the Google Maps Directions API. Similar to the Google Maps Android app, transit directions now return fare information and accept transit mode and routing options. Transit is also now available in the Distance Matrix API and these changes are also available in services in the Google Maps JavaScript API v3.
Today we released a set of improvements to directions in the Google Maps Directions API, mostly around transit directions. Transit is now also available in the Google Maps Distance Matrix API. Transit directions will now...
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no work for me
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FYI that we’ve just announced deprecation of the Google Earth API due to Chrome and Firefox removing support for NPAPI plugins for security reasons. Per our deprecation policy, the API will continue to be supported and function for one year.
Over six years ago we introduced the Google Earth API, enabling developers to build rich 3D mapping applications in the browser, using JavaScript. And over the years, developers have built quite a number of fascinating applic...
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Does this mean that tilted/landscape mode (or whatever is the correct term) with satelite imagery will disappear from also? 
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If you view geocoded addresses in locations with different local languages, today we released a change to the Maps API that will make life easier for you. Addresses where the local language differs from the user language are now displayed in a format that is mutually readable by both locals and non-locals, similar to the Google Maps consumer app.
The Google Maps APIs have been making maps universally accessible to developers and users for over 10 years. With over 50 supported languages, almost everyone can view the map in their own language. But sometimes an addres...
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Today we posted a few minor updates to the Google Maps APIs Terms of Service, designed to provide clarification for recently launched advertising-supported and connected APIs. The changes should affect very few developers, but if you're interested, read on...
Today we posted a few minor updates to the Google Maps / Google Earth APIs Terms of Service. These changes should impact very few developers and customers, but are designed to provide clarification for recently launched adver...
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Very few developers are affected ? It seems like +TourDash is one of the few... 
and now? What happened with webgl support in the API?
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A fresh Material Design inspired iOS SDK 1.9.0 released today featuring iOS8, Swift and iPhone 6/6+ support:
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a si, ya tengo la ultima versión... ;)
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Google Maps API

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No map is an island! Today we’re taking a step towards connecting the Maps APIs to the greater Google ecosystem: introducing a signed-in JavaScript Maps API experience and a feature we call attributed save.
Our digital lives are increasingly connected. We research on our laptops, look up directions on our phones and even navigate with our watches. And by creating maps unique to each user and offering features such as saved place...
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+Google Maps API does it support multiple accounts? I tried adding authuser=1 as a parameter to the Google Maps JavaScript API source url, but no luck.
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The easy way to build interactive map applications.
This is the official Google+ page of the Google Maps API. We’re here to help you create great maps.

We will be posting helpful tips about using our APIs, announcing regular office hour hangouts, and pointing you to new cool maps that we find. We’ll also use the page to tell you about upcoming events, highlight announcements, link to helpful articles, and more.

If you’re building maps on the web, this is the place for you.

If you want to just jump right into the code, you can go directly to our developer documentation.