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Following up on our recent post about new features for the Google Places API, you can also watch the recent presentation by +Marcelo Camelo and +Andres Ferrate on Building a Business Around the Google Places API from Google I/O.

This session includes a conceptual overview of the API as well as a practical discussion about how to use many of the features of the API.  Oh, and there's also some good banter between the two about surfing :-)
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Thanks, Jeff!  We had a lot of fun presenting at I/O and appreciate the positive vibes!
You guys had not only stage presence, you had a clear and concise presentation. As a CS major, it's this kind of stuff I find inspiring. Were you guys thinking of open sourcing the surf app? 
Thanks, Sam!  The app we showed was a design concept, though we'd love to see an enterprising developer build it out :-)
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