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We’re pleased to announce that submissions for the Google Places API Developer Challenge have been extended through the end of November 2012 to give you more time to build and submit your applications.  Please visit the challenge website for more details and we look forward to seeing your apps!
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More time to smooth the app out a bit more is always welcome!
Excellent, needed more time to integrate the municipal data sets.
I'm glad it has. I have two ideas, but the life of my one year old took all the time this months.
I thought of some 10 ideas which turned out to be plain stupid or fundamentally useless! Maybe now something decent will come up.
I'm curious to see what Rick and Tim are up to! :)
Hi +Andre Tannus , I'm near completion, been in testing\bug fixing stage right now.  However, I still need to integrate the relevant municipal data.  I'm using Android, HTML5, Google Maps APIv3, Google Cloud Platform & Cloud Messaging.  
It's been a lot of fun :D
Hi everybody! I've submited the Google Maps API challenge but i didn't receive any email in order to inform me that our application was accepted or not! here is our website:
Thanks in advance!
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