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Visualizing Data with the Google Maps API: A Journey of 245k Points

In case you missed the YouTube Live event, we recorded it!

+Brendan Kenny and +Paul Saxman show several ways you can use the Maps API to build compelling visualizations of geospatial data.  They cover tips and tricks for using the quick and easy (heatmap) Visualization Library, and the fast and flexible CanvasLayer API.
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Really nice! Congrats. I think you guys should separate this sessions into easy things and complicate things. For most of the video you guys talk about simple things most developers, who know about the API, know about it. So it sounds very introductory. But then you go to the cool advance stuff and you are in a hurry and don't have much time to explain how it is done! I prefer to learn about the webgl part that about styling a map! :D I mean, for the first there are tutorials, for the second no.

But again, thanks, this looks fantastic, can't wait for the next one and to get access to the examples. 
Nice stuff! What application environment are you doing the editing. I am interested in this stuff.
Would love to see what sentiment analysis of the logs turns up. And I hope you share it on GDL! :)
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