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Can you guess what city this new 45* degree imagery captures? (Hint: It's our first 45* imagery for France.) Learn about all our new imagery additions on the Lat Long Blog (19 new cities!):
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Avignon. I downloaded the image and the filename is avignon.
If it's not in the US I don't care.

-Self-centered American
ha ha maps, avignon.png is not very obfuscated...!
I can see those Alliance bastards from here.. I know it's Theramore (yes, I know it's really Avignon in France.. it's pretty clear on Google Maps if you search for it)
It's great to see 45 degree view available in Google Maps. I used to go to Bing Maps for that. Now I can stay with Google.
it looks awesome but how to activate it was heard to figure out
Albany, GA; Omaha, NE; Baytown, TX; Miami, FL; Amarillo, TX; Monroe, LA; Manchester, NH; Alexandria, LA; Rapid City, SD; Loudon, TN; Farmington, NM

...Looks like a list of grain transportation/railroad hubs.
Easy ;-) This is Avignon and his particular half-bridge.
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