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Today we released the latest version of Google Maps for Android. With this version, those of you in the U.S. will be able to find +Google Offers from nearby businesses—everything from restaurants, to salons to city tours —right from your Maps app. We’ve also added indoor walking directions in the U.S. and Japan, and 360-degree interior photos of businesses. Read more on the Lat Long Blog:

Download the app from +Google Play:
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Why does everything cool that Google brings out is always "US only"...No love for canadians...yet again
Great feature. Would love to see it to be available in Europe. Any chance?
And STILL no way to remove old destinations! Come on already this is one of the most basic functions of a GPS Navigation app.
Waiting for the first US resident to post "stop whining" in 3,2,1...
Stop whining! Greetings from Europe ;-)
Weather radar overlay layer pleeaassee. Want to dump third party apps.
Google Play is only for Android, so I can't use it for my Samsung.
I love the addition, but every singly offer near me are just businesses listing their normal services. They aren't coupons or offers at all. For example, a gold dealer will list "we buy gold." Or restaurants list the normal prices for food they have every day. It's really annoying and there should be some way to ban them from doing this. I really couldn't find one single real coupon.
You can Use Google Play if you Samsung is Android. The company that makes it doesn't matter.. it's the OS (Operating System)
So do I need the seperate Offers app since it's now intergrated with Shopper and now Maps?
I would like to see less social crap and more map info as in something useful because its getting cluttered
very good the phone,nothing to say!!!
+darren gardiner actually, google maps added that function several iterations ago... im not sure as to how much it saves, but it definitely saves some maps.
+André Barges I think it's meant to scroll down, i see a faint scroll bar on the side there, possibly if there are even more icons to click in the future.
Maybe I'm dense, but how do I do indoor walking directions? I zoomed in on a macy's, searched for women's shoes, no dice
We want the iPhone version, pleeeeaaase :)
hey you guys get the G+ version before us so nyah.
+Jeff Leger , I have Samsung Strive (Samsung SGH-a687) from AT&T, it has no zoom for taking pictures. I won't switch anytime soon.
Well... Perhaps It is useful in US, but I got totally broken toolbar on top of the screen instead useful features. I cannot use toolbar search field to input text anymore being in landscape on 7inch tablet..:(
I'm still waiting for official Google Maps app for Windows Phone 7 :)
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