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Just launched: A new crisis map with several Hurricane Sandy–related layers, including current and forecasted locations, courtesy of NOAA-National Hurricane Center; cloud and wind information; and public alerts featuring emergency information like evacuation routes. As the team identifies additional information, they’ll be updating the map. 

To view the map, visit:
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I guess I'll be seeing a lot of rain in the coming days.
I think there is a Weather check box on Google Maps that shows radar data.
Greg Fischel of WRAL in Raleigh, NC said last night that Hurricane Sandy has the potential to be a $1B storm. He said that the Weather Service has increased sending up weather balloons from 2 per day to 4 per day. 
If you have a browser on Android you already have it. You can use the Google Chrome to Phone Extension on a PC to send the link from the PC Chrome browser to an Android smart phone or tablet browser.
I'm going to Southport, NC tomorrow. I was going to be in the Pirate Stede Bonnet Sailboat race on Saturday. There's 100% chance of rain on Saturday. We're going down anyway to secure the sailboat.
+Percy Swagcavvck your behavior does not really affect me. but hopefully your behavior will affect you. i will pray for all of your souls. but on a non pious level i have to say that your parents would be ashamed of you if they saw how you acted. it is people like you that make the world more difficult than it needs to be. I honestly know in my heart that it is just projection, so rather than anger, i feel pity towards this kind of people. have a good evening children.
Can you guys do LSD mode like the iPhone 3d map? 
Great ideas from Google. Thank you.
Leslie, I live near Southport. There's really nothing to do when it rains...
If you click on the actual Hurrican icon there's an HTML error in the links.  You'll see TARGET="_blank"
Google siempre se ha destacado en el mundo por su informacion y sobre todo en noticias y geográficas...... 
Well going by this map I'd say I'm pretty much beat. On jersey coast.

Time to get my dog floaties! 
Sandy amenaza con llegar a NY. Tenemos que estar alerta.......
Ken D..
are there url based parameters to pre-select the overlays?
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