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For the solar eclipse May 20, +NASA's got a great map showing you its path: Where will you be watching the eclipse?

Hat tip to +Alex Kain for the awesome find!
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Thanks.. but unfortunately the eclipse will end just west of me due to the sun setting.
That photo made me think how awesome it would be to be able to embed Google Maps in G+ posts.
Between St. George and Cedar City, UT.
Google is just Amazing with the things they do
Great, then, I will have to make a trip to Japan. I need sponsorship, I really have to see this.
I'll be in Saint George, Utah, with a photographer buddy from work. Extremely excited for this. :)
Ok,so north! I guess I'll be stuck on earth!
um will it show in california
rohit, the map tells it all, my dear.......
wait, so you can only see it if you in the middle of the pacific ocean?
not really, but it would have been more romantic........
Vegas will only get a partial, looks like I'll be driving up to Mesquite to see this.
People in Hong Kong will see it all..
I am not close to there its in the ocean!
getting married on the 20th, going to get some amazing shots.
Virgina Beach, hopefully this storm system will go away for us to even see the moon
Johannesburg South Africa!!! Can't Wait
its this sunday between 7:00 and 7:30 p.m.
do you have a link that will get me to this exact spot?
all of my friends who work at google visit arcada like a lot
Nice...Ill be watching from Austin, ?Texas!!
Hey, looks like I need to go to Alaska to see it. : ( 
Come on up.. YOu are allllllll welcome :)
I am looking out onto the Plaza here in Arcata! Love the liquid sunshine! FOG
I live in Sacramento, right outside of the event zone. I might have to take a trip up to Reno to view it.
An amazing eclipse and Casino Buffets, what could be better?
...over the internet, west USA (and Japan) are too far from here to travel.
Hong Kong! but not a complete eclipse
When will it pass miami Florida ?
Check the link. I dont think there will be anything in the states.
Too bad it doesn't pass by Ontario.
I will be watching the eclipse from Redding California:) Im super syked:)!!!
Check the link. Place yourself on the map and the app will instantly tell you if there will be an eclipse or not, in your area. Do not see US getting an eclipse.
hmm Chicago is going to get a solar eclipse during NATO summit... is that an omen?
Yes, I'm watching the eclipse. Driving from outside the annularity strip (in greater LA area) to the closest spot of annularity -- SW Utah, so we can see the ring around the moon for the 4 minutes or so of annularity. Got my eclipse glasses yesterday, got a filter attachment for my telescope. Weather forecast: Clear. Very excited.
It looks like I'm just outside the eclipse viewing area (Dallas, TX)
May 20th is a great day/night for a solar eclipse...
I'm think im going to see it in Kanarraville too. Though 5 minutes is a long time to drive just to photograph an eclipse. :)
Good Job NASA! Glad I work with some super smart people!
Cool, I'm gonna be able to see the tail of it!!
Watching it from Hong Kong.
+ZamboyPlayah, I've been checking WeatherUnderground for Cedar City for days now. Clear clear clear. Excited!

When the early 1990s annular eclipse was "visible" in Southern California, I went to the top of Mt. Wilson to see it. A group of us huddled in the cold and cursed the clouds. Dag nabbit
Wish I can make it... I live bit off that band.
why do Google maps not support in Vietnam?
Nik Sl
Fantastic! May be flying that range on that day.
ok not gonna happen u've seen the piodictions
lukebob ryall U platy roblox right?
where is this eclipse supposed to be taking place??
We can't see it in America ??
Cool, but I wish I could see it...
Exciting that towards the end of the day in az we can see it, maybe I'll forget its hot for a little bit
Is that a bridge or something?????????????????????=^
This will be a wonderful time to visit the Great Pacific Garbage Patch to see this solar eclipse.
Thansk to G+ for bringing this !!! Gonna get some awesone shots !!!
I would like to see it from origin in Japan and ending in Texas. How did you get the path on Google Maps?
Kassy G
I'm seeing at on sunday at around 5 :P
Getting to see it at sunset... should make for some exciting photos...
I would love if for future occurrence like this special event can be seen through live stream and or many simultaneously hang outs. 
He Ping
yeah!I would see it at Guangzhou.
chip r
I'm won't be able to see it. :-((
how did pot it??? the map nice
Rainy day in Hong Kong ...
Sadly, it ends a couple hundred miles to the west of me :(
My question is, will Japan tip over if everyone runs to that side of the island?
i like cherry pie
it's good and yummy
and apple pie
it's yummy too
Gonna have an amazing view... can't wait :)
any notes on how to take good photos of the eclipse itself?
I have Google earth it is better than the maps. This is still nice to have around.
no i wont why i can be blind!
Yeah if you look straight at it you become blind.
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