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Share the natural treasures of your hometown in time for holiday visitors with the help of our latest Google Map Maker tutorial - Adding Natural Features:

Once you’re done, you can learn how to add places as boundaries, such as updating your school grounds should you miss your campus over winter break:

Cheers, and happy mapping!
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am addict adding places, wish just they update the map of my city...not an 5 years old one..and the time out error after adding a place get a fix soon.
Drawing a map,especially adding boundaries is much easier on touch interfaces,Moreover with photosphere on android devices,it would be easy to provide a proof just like street-view.
Is there a mapmaker app for android devices? +Google Maps 
Is there a reason why certain countries don't have this feature?
Add in Germany!! :)
I don't see any reason why it's not available. If there is one, tell us. If there's none, enable it!
I would LOVE TO HELP Google Maps but as always many great features are yet not available (including Google Navigation, Map maker etc.) in my country (Slovenia).
+Michael Harries The reason being if you see at the bottom right,if the data is only from Google,then it should be available in mapmaker.If  The data is from third-party which would be hard for google to change their data.This is all i think.
The UK's data appears to be from/owned-by Google, and it's unavailable on MapMaker.
I have added a name to a lake in Syria more than 15 days, up until now no approving for it.
I think google reviewer are not approving it because they are not sure about it. But in this area we don't have much of regional reviewers.
How is it possible to prove.
show me the location on your map for cell number 318-639-1011 meid#
864072015130119 if at all possible it has built in gps and lookout security
straight talk cant won't track it because I won't put minutes on a phone
that was stolen and hope i find it in other words risking $50 on a hunch
the number may not be traceable but that meid is never replaceable this may
be the easiest way to trace the location of this ZTE straight talk touch
screen, if you cannot do this could you please point me in the right
direction to track down my brand new phone, thanks Krystal and Ronnie
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