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Calling all students in the U.S. and Canada!

Have you ever wished that you knew the fastest route from the dormitory to your geography class across campus? Do you want a great way to help your roommate finally discover the library before midterms? Now is the perfect time to form a team and ensure that your university map is up to date using Google Map Maker ( This month we are kicking off the first ever Map Your University 2012 competition!

From February 13th until March 9, 2012, Google invites students studying in the United States and Canada to become local heroes by updating and adding detail to their campus maps for viewing in Google Maps and Google Earth. Adding everything from walking paths to university buildings and local businesses will help students and visitors alike when trekking across your college grounds. Winners will be selected based on the thoroughness and accuracy of mapping in and around campus, and a brief personal statement. Fabulous prizes include Android tablets and phones, GPS devices, Google Map Maker messenger bags, t-shirts and more!

For more information, visit the contest homepage: The winning team will be announced in early April. Good luck, and happy mapping!
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Haha I think they are still trying to find the right platform to leave from ROFL
I've been waiting for something like this! Sweetness. No more driving around campus looking for a certain building. :D
Arg! More stuff for the US. and Canada!

What about the rest of the world?! :-D
Or taking the broom, flying is more economical 
Brazilians want to map our universities too! =D
I'm sure it's Freudian, but that logo seems... odd. ;-)
Don't Universities already offer maps?
Waiting for Google Map Maker for german universities ... :-)
This image... It looks like the trophy is taking a bow twisting legs and with its hands on the hips. I can barely see a trophy.
I love you Google but I believe this is a way to trick people to do your work...
Perhaps we are being tricked by Google in to doing work for them, +Gabriel Cornejo. It's called crowd-sourcing and it's an initiative that I support. The benefits I gain from having up to date information at my fingertips far outweighs any deficits.

That being said, I'm unable to participate in this initiative just yet, it isn't available in the UK. But, as soon as it is available, I'll be doing some amateur cartography.
+Kevin Ferguson I respect that. +Paul Johnson You also have a valid point. I think it's a great idea, I was just pointing out that it was a bit sneaky way of presenting this "challenge". I absolutely love Wikipedia, so I'm not against the goal.
+Paul Johnson I'll be taking a look at +OpenStreetMap in more detail over the next few days. I now live in a place that is very well covered, but I hail from a place where a little local knowledge could embellish what's already there.

+Gabriel Cornejo respect to you too, sir. :-)
Is it just me or does that look like one laid back trophy.
Can we map online universities? Lol
Who will quality check this information? Will we be on the Wikipedia model?
I did this last year... Guess that makes me ineligible
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