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We've published post-tornado imagery of Moore, OK on our Google Crisis Response Map ( ). Here's a before (collected on 29th April by CNES 2013, Distribution Astrium Services/Spot Image) and after (collected on 22nd May by Digitalglobe) view showing Briarwood elementary school and the surrounding area - You can check/uncheck the boxes on the right of the map link to explore more information.
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The spirit & positive attitudes in Moore are incredible. 
Jappanise in okinawan map its a very nice 
In India our politicians will cry 'Security Problem' if Google released aerial imagery. :-(
We are lucky,we live about 1-2 miles from where it landed,and now rain is here,flooded streets are our next problem.
I have to imagine life will be easier for those whose homes were utterly demolished than for those whose homes were damaged but left standing.  The former can simply take their insurance settlement and buy a new home, already built and waiting.  The latter cannot sell their home in its current state, and must endure having the damage repaired over the coming months, perhaps longer.
AWESOME job with these maps. Kudos. I've been looking for a good map of the tornado path. I used to live in Moore & my parents still do (they are fine).
absolutely incredible! Thanks for sharing this data.
Deadly tornado. We are just so helpless under the threat of a tornado. It's just too powerful. 
Crazy!  Sending well wishes to the people of OK.
Google has done an incredible public service in mapping these kinds of disaster areas. The fire maps have been particularly useful out west. 

A major thank you from me. 
The image before the disaster looks so peaceful, like a beautiful neighbourhood with a knit community. The next shows that world shattered and destroyed with only memories and pictures to remind you what it once was. #prayforOK
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