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Happy Holidays everyone! Santa has completed another successful journey around the world and is taking a much deserved break.

See you again next year!
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Happy holidays to all! 
It's good to be Santa Claus: one day working, and one year resting :-) 
Merry Christmas to all!
i want to know the time about  maps for ipad?
Tell Santa he did an excellent job this year!
Thamx google team. Andd start navigation for slovakiaa
That was great Google. It helped get my son in to bed knowing Santa was close!
Slovakia is served by Jezusko not by that fat american thing:)
he probably was using google maps he was trying to look for the north pole
Sah F
But I thought Santa was suppose to be at the North Pole by now?
lock n load,till next year..........S-a-n-t-a
Yahhh next year for sure. .
appy holidays to all friends and your familys
Finally your holiday is off and our holiday is coming - waiting for Yeni il - Noviy Qod! Ded Moroz is coming )))
Thanks Santa's gifts!
Thanks Dear Santa
but you forgot one of those box in my room(extra one)
so this year i have got next year as well :D
I thought he lived at the North Pole? Stupid Global Warming.
who is he it's a big lie, unless you want to change Christmas to Santamas
poor rudolph ....but i think he needs to swim more.
i think the dolphine is sunbathing
Mrs. Claus has to get picked up from Pilates. 
Download a flashlight to my galaxy s3 phone
Thankyou Santa much appreciated see u next year

Great job santa I watched you for hours using your "elvevs created" Santa Tracker by +Google . Merry Christmas
Thank you, Santa and Google. :)
Fox Pro
Happy Holiday and New Year... 
irish j
resting santa for next come
See you next year. Thanks! Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas!
G ood riddance!' that's what I wanna say to you. 'What's taking you so long to get outta here?' O n the other hand, you deserve much more respect than that. O ut of reverence, therefore, I simply say, 'Goodbye, 2012. I'm really gonna miss you.' D on't ever wanna give the impression that you weren't appreciated, because you were. You are appreciated. B esides, I'm not the type to forget where I came from. Y ou've been good to me, you've done great by me. But at times you did leave me wondering if you really had my back. You know I'm right about it. Sometimes you were just plain unkind. Only because you could be. E ither way, you know we'll part on good terms. 2 see you leave, it's gonna be hard. 0 tears I've already promised myself. 1 more look at you. 1 extra 'Thank You' for everything, yes sir, even the bad. Well, you'll soon be on your way, but you'll never be forgotten.
happy holidays to all
Luvin' this,  having been at coastal NC for awhile now!
Patt S
Merry Christmas 
So, I don't get it. Is Santa actually real, unlike Jeezuz?
Google you should of stuck with NORAD.
Sevan B
Well done. Thankfully Santa Claus was using "Google" maps to avoid get incorrect directions--if you understand what I mean. :-P
His holiday is 364 days , just a night work!
Yeah he is done because last nite I was seen him...
See Ya Santa Next Year.
Much Hyped-Love To All Of The Google+ Team.
Cheers Everyone.
irish j
see u sant next time
santaa! where is my gift?
Probably because he used Google Maps and not Apple Maps.
But Google I still haven't received an email for my Nexus 4 shipping! Lol Merry Christmas
i got a xbox 360 for christmas. this is the best christmas ever
Google please help me to get ride of here
Thank you Santa clause for the presents!
Ohhhhh Dios......Feliz Navidad amigos
I looking forward to see him next year ,can't wait .
Happy holiday. Thanks Santa. Till next year.
Thank you Santa, we pray ull come again for us
Well done! Long may you reign
this is my firsttime here... trying to make friends..... so who
(toddler voice)  Santa, I want my gift to be next year, that you work out in a gym.
I'm setting here all alone wishing I had a family to be with today. So if you didn't get what you were hoping for just remember it could be a lot worse. Enjoy your family you could wake up in a motel room all alone. 
Nikhil rizal

Santa will take all thev
P w dirty thing of the world

Wish I could have a journey around the world as Santa.
Always a lovely graphic. (Too bad no credit given, on-illustration. )
Santa if u can't stay idle till next x-mas so i hv an
Idea for u💡. U can open a dj and u can also dance
there and u can loose some weight also because u r to much fatty🎅.
MERRY CHRISTMAS !!! May this day & all of your days be Truly Blessed.
This is the season of Love when Christ came to offer Himself for our Redemption. It worth Celebration only if you have actually accepted Christ as you Lord and Personal Saviour having Hope in His Resurrection. MERRY XMAS & HAPI NEW YEAR in Advance. Accept Christ today.
Happy holidays santa rest alot make you you bring me more better presents next year
Merry Christmas!....and I'm not afraid to say it!
Santa you never came to me!
Santa you are good with your presents
One birecion you ligh up my wold no I want what direction please I want 1 direction please thank you but that's it what's up thank you bye
But he never got me anything!!!!
Jay A
here's to Santa... cheers!
kenny m
Kids love the santa tracker awsome
Jay A
+Alexa Jaber perhaps you were not in Santa's nice list. try again next year. 
According to apple maps, he's still in Australia...
Merry Xmas and a HAPPY NEW YEAR !!! :D
see you next christmas! happy new year.
Merry Christmas everyone and have a gd rest,Santa!
Merry Christmas every one here and if anyone else got Xbox 360 gold membership please reply and again merry Christmas
Less say good thing not bad thing ! Teach love and understandlng tow all people and. Little one .they Lerner from. U ? Think about . Think bsfore you done any thing.he gave you a BRAIN.
Good Job Santa. LOL
spent.the whole afternoon.tracking him :) awesome!!!
Merry Christmas & Happy New year !
kasi a
marry christmas to every one.
That's because he gets all us (xmas BDay people) to do all the work for  him haha ;)
Don't be scared Google. You can say Merry Christmas. It won't be the end of the world.
really, really nice !!!
It's okay Stephen.  You can accept that there are more holidays than just Christmas this time of year.  It wont be the end of the world.
That's day will coming more happiness for every people....
Happy meri crismas.:-);-)»®;-)»»®®©©»»:-:-:-*
Than you Google maps for guiding me around the DC Metro Area. 
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year
Thanks Santa for all your hard work. Everyone appreciates you very much.
Merry christmas and a happy New Year
+Michal Grézl as I recall Дед Мороз is not exactly a superfit dude either 
Far S
Merry christmas
next year do make it a point to meet me and give me my gift, ok !
i had tracked you on your tracker.....very good
Merry Christmas to all
may u have  better x mass & happy new year
I need to c more pictures of Ms Damm from the new Smooth Girl magazine
CAN goggle also show me a few pictures the new Hustler magazine,,?
It's fucking Christmas today....not "holiday" 
nice...any N4 stock news?
Eric your response seems to be outside the intent of this season. Peace
Thank you Gmaps!  We had so much fun last night following Santa!  You are the best!
Thanks Google I use the Google Maps a lot.
I didn't get a present :(
Just for funny!!
Merry Christmas!!!
Does anyone know how fast those Reindeer have to be going to make all the kids in the world happy?
Santa doesn't know where Dominican República is. 
I just sent Santa a cold one. Merry Christmas, all!
Santa's chilling but Rudolph is in the water − what the heck?
So is this that NORAD riff-raff? My mom was telling me that they're using a military GPS to "track" Santa .I TOLD her it was Google Maps. Earth, but she insists it's not. Whatever, Santa would want to use Google Earth anyway.
OHhhh, I get it. Because the polar caps are melting.
Dident get much for xmas ,,very thankful for what i got .thank u santa .merry xmas happy new year every one .
Dan Sam
Hahahahah Santa my ass...
Oh, ok − because of global warming poor Rudolph is getting submerged. Santa doesn't seem too worried though. 
I'm just happy we made it past doomsday! XD
Que clase de discriminación han hecho, Santa no pasó por latinoamérica, ¿qué les pasa a la gente de Google? estúpidos xenófobos que creen que somos menos que ellos, en latinoamèrica NO hay crisis económica porque nos hemos superado
I wish i could go home for christmas when time comes
I heard he was working hard to stay well hidden on street view, look at the roofs!
Tee M
+Cecilia Rodriguez  emmmm en el Santa Tracker si pasó por latinoamerica...puedes ver las imagenes en Google Maps... FELIZ NAVIDAD A TODOS!!!
Santa was unfair. He didnt visit any major city in India
Here's to the gift of hope for all next year
year end not wrld end see u next yr santa c
Free free pacman arcade video download
I would like thank Santa very much for your greatest annual work on this planet. 
Thanks, +Google Maps team, had 3 little ones here who truly enjoyed following Santa's journey!
Usman jutt Lahore Pakistan 03009419771
good warik waheed tariq @ Muhammad Arif Bhai
Mele Kalikimaka! (Merry Christmas from Hawaii)
It's nice & Joyful day once more time credit goes to SANTA CLAUS !!!
Another. Job well done. I see y next year
year end not wrld end see u next yr santa c
Merry Christmas....
Santa thanks for that wonderful job well done
Hahahhaaha ik that's rite santa
He didn't deliver me my gift?!

I guess I was on the naughty list :-\ 
Santa is a buisy guy so he should get some rest. Happy Holidays.
Yes Sir you deserved it .I hope everybody has a Merry Christmas Happy/Happy New Year .
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
Relax and enjoy your Xmas celebration in the blessed Garden...
Rest up Santa, I plan on being good next year too!!!
Sean G
Thanks Google for always making Christmas Fun!
سلام از اصفهان کسی هست
It was a good journey around the World with the Santa Tracker - Thanks Google!
Tosser, lazy twat.
Its time for santa to take a cookie and fall a sleep 
He didn't come to my house. 
Nice services people

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Santa Claus is a commercial gimmick designed to get your kids to drag you into stores, so while the kids are on Santa's lap yapping about whatever they want, you are shopping for crap you'll never need.  The stores make the money when they TAKE YOUR MONEY.

Think of the first five letters of the word "Christmas." C-H-R-I-S-T.  Do kids go to a department store to sit on Jesus Christ's lap to ask whatever they want for "Santamas?"  Jesus Christ said in Matthew 19:14, KJV, "But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven."

THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN.  Think of that.  That is far greater than the material goods delivered by any department stores, fake elves, men dressed in goofy red suits with white trim, or flying reindeer can ever bring.  THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN is priceless but free of charge.  No department store chain or ersatz saint can even offer that, much less deliver it.  THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN does not come in a gilt package with a red bow.  THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN comes to us courtesy of the shed Blood and broken Flesh of Jesus Christ, whose birth we celebrate today.

THERE IS JESUS CHRIST.  Put your money back in your wallet.  Go to Church and worship JESUS CHRIST instead.  Merry CHRIST-mas!
Church is also a gimmick, biggest money maker and tax exempt.
He definitely in need of this break;-D
What is Ramadan? Those blue people with a bunch of arms?
the month of fasting by day in Islam
Merry christmas.....or happy holy day......
Ryan Ng
He can't travel that fast. I stopped believing in him 17 years ago.
Ryan Ng
Hey, what about Chinese New Year presents? It's only a month away.

I want more money...
Hahahaha! I love how simply animated this version is!
I think that Santa really needs some break......
why is santa not relaxing in the north pole
Thanks Google maps for doing a stanta tracker my daughter's loved it.
Yt Chen

Hey Thats not fair!!!!!!!!!! i DIDN'T GET MY GIFT
hello google team, may i know when for the google map available in Malaysia? #iphone. 
Why on earth didn't you guys say that it was going on until the 24th? I planned to do this for many of my friends, family & coworkers on Christmas Day. But when I went to do this, it was gone. Yes for kids it makes sense to end in the 24th but for adults looking to send a smile it really should have ended on the 26th.

Can you please give us clear warning next time or please continue through Christmas next year. So amazingly disappointed that I didn't get to do this :(

i'm so miss you..... Q_Q
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