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Just released: Download Google Maps 6.6 for Android and check out the new elevation data. To activate it, tap Settings > Labs > Measure, then go to the map and tap on a series of points. This will display the total distance between these points, plus the total ascent and descent along the chosen route. Try it out with your favorite biking and hiking routes — for example from Guitar Lake to the peak of Mt. Whitney!

Download the app from +Google Play:
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I totally needed this on my hike this past weekend.
Now I just need the Samsung Journal to actually get to Verizon and my summer experience will be properly enhanced with hiking maps.
It just keeps getting better doesn't it
Is there any way to get the dimensions in metric metres not feet?
Google Maps is the single biggest feature I miss since switching back to iOS.
+Rob Pungello , not sure why you switched but I say you get a nexus device and don't look back
this could be very helpful in planning those photowalk routes ;)
+Greg Cortese I had an Epic 4G, and all in all just found it to be a bit too buggy (even after experimenting with quite a few custom ROMs), so I got a 4S.
Eventually I'll probably pick up an unlocked Android phone and try it out for a while, and then consider going back to Android for my primary phone.
Nice update, but once again still no way to remove past destinations.. this is a pretty basic feature in any GPS app.. why is it still not added to Google Maps??
I love it! Now if you would only go back the the satellite images around Anchorage AK when there wasn't snow on ground and you could actually use Maps for looking at hiking and biking routes.
Why is transit information still not working??
Dear Google,

Please don't be evil and provide a download possibility of the latest compatible version of Apps (especially Google Maps) for certain android versions!
After a factory reset due to repair, I have to use the pre-flashed 4.x version of Maps on my X10 mini pro with android 2.1 without any chance to update to the latest compatible one!

Google, please help!
+Google Maps that's really cool! this was the only missing feature for me, since offline maps came out :D
I too have android 2.1, wont be seeing this update and if i have to factory restore then ill be stuck on version 4, Google really needs to sort the fragmentation of its apps, im stuck with version 1.0.8 of G+ and android market 2, and then theres the whole android 4 only chrome.... Just for the sake of some 3d rendered bookmarks or something
My understanding is that Google wants you to have the latest of the software, and the best experience, +Miroslav Milanović . It is probably you handset or mobile provider who are preventing you, as they want you to upgrade the phone and contract for the new features. Hence why I love my Nexus Galaxy so much...
+Heckmo Heskzilla blame your phone vendor, Google had nothing to do with your phone. They just provide Android ecosystem. You didn't bought a Google phone, otherwise you would have 4.0. I know it's confusing, but the blame on fragmentation is on phone vendors and carriers.
Paweł, it's not our vendors fault that Google is not able to provide us the latest compatible app version for our phones instead of providing ever1 only the latest available one ...
+Alfred Biehler It's not that easy. For the phone vendors: of course updating the OS without charge costs money and has no benefit for them (in terms of profit) but on the other hand even if they are willing to provide their customers with the latest android version they could be prevented from this because the HW has no sufficient resources for that (e.g. Google's G1).
So that's why I ask Google to give us the opportunity to download the latest compatible app version for our phones.

So Google, please don't be evil and ... (see above)
+Miroslav Milanović one can say on the contrary, that it is the vendor duty to provide you with up-to-date software. Google can't make the vendors to grow up and do the right thing. And one can also say that on the contrary, it is of financial importance to the vendors more than to Google to update their device software. Do you realize what is the cost of supporting Android versions from 2.1 to 4.0? It not only cost money, it makes the app bigger, more prone to errors and some features hard or impossible to implement - this degrades user experience for all users.
So you phone has outdated software (same as mine) and it's vendor and carrier's fault not Google's.
The only constructive thing we can do is to put pressure on vendors and vote with our wallets (and support CyanogenMod) :)
P.s and don't buy Sony, they are the worst offenders on fragmentation and poor customer care.
+Paweł Prażak sure the vendors of our phones should provide us with updates (of course until it makes sense). I agree!

And please, don't get me wrong, I don't want to have all versions of Maps (or any other app) compatible with my android 2.1 version. I just want the opportunity to download the last compatible version of an app for my android phone, let's say Maps version 5.x for android 2.1 (or what the latest android 2.1 compatible maps version was/is)
even if my vendor (sony) wanted to put 4.0 on my phone, they couldnt, its a measly xperia x8 and doesnt have the hardware required (by google) to run anything newer, i think its 128mb away from having enough ram and lacking a multitouch screen needed to run 2.2, (according to googles guidlines) there is a 2.2 CM (that runs flawlessly, im told,... despite googles restriction on min RAM) for it but im not brave enough to try that. its also really just crazy that i can still uninstall the version of G+ i have and reinstall it- but if i was to remove google maps i couldnt reinstall it, as its no longer available at all for my x8, if i am forced to do a factory reset i will forever have the version that came on my phone
I dont get any of the map bars on my maps 6.6
Cool, this morning the market offered me an update to Maps 6.4.0! Thanks Google, I knew you were not evil! ;-)
Are you guys planning to any new features to location history like auto checkins, persistent ambient sensor monitoring with an intent to not hamper battery life?
+Google Maps , this update seems to have broken navigation. At least on devices ruining ICS, ever since the update, turn by turn navigation no longer speaks the street names. Instead all it does is say turn left or turn right without telling you where. This is an extremely important feature, especially when you are in an unfamiliar area. People are complaining about this in all the major Android forums, including your own official one, but still no official reply. The only way to fix navigation is to trees Remove the upgrade. Please address and fix the issue.
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