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Panoramio just announced April’s photo contest winners! Check them out on the Panoramio blog:

For those who don’t know, photos uploaded and geotagged in Panoramio can end up in the photos layer of Google Maps. It’s a great way to share your pics with the world.

Participate in this month’s contest for a chance at some pretty cool prizes:

Eduardo Toloza’s honorable mention photo pictured below:
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Bahaha! That goat looks almost human!
that fences electric current is JUSSSSST right.
what makes her so delightful
Photogenic Goat: He brings the Magic.
haha bisaya, kambing sa tagalog sa inyo bayan?hee..
XD the gaot looks like he is a creeper
That's the handsomest goat I ever saw in my life.
I only ate grass, but here I am.
Looks like a philosopher's deep thought.
Honorable Mention? REALLY?!
This amazing goatalishes fabulousness?
this just wrong.
the goat is smiling..haaa :)
makes me think about Ted mosby :)
Don't include +Simon Wilks  as he didn't help the goats last Tuesday. He is a traitor.
I did and i know this one.
Very friendly indeed :)
المعزة الجميلة ...احب الحيوانات الاليفة..
The look of this animal is NATURAL and CHARMING. Simplistic is BEAUTY could be fround from the picture of this animal.
GOats are cool its crazy how they have them as pets and eat them in places.
Aw ,lovely smile.... 
smile!? serious cool...if they are free..more happy!..
very nice!! looks like "yeaa....weekend" 
Looks like some of my old friends ha!
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