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We're pretty excited about MapsGL too, +Martin Darbyshir!

The Official Google Blog post Martin links to features a great video ( that showcases all the neat things you can do when you enable MapsGL, including graphics-accelerated map zooming and panning, and smoother Street View browsing.

Have you been using MapsGL? We'd love to hear what you think.
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MapsGL has been one of the best upgrades to Google Maps I've seen. Really slick - the 45 degree angle is my favorite and never fails to impress.
it doesn't work for me, it says my system isn't compatible. well, I'm sure it is, it runs on Windows :-)
I'm running now Ubuntu 11.10 with Chrome.
Will location based functions be enabled soon? They work in classical, but not in MapsGL.
MapsGL works great.. love it.
I saw this option the other day and really enjoy using the 45 degree angle, but since I have android I've seen this all before ;)
I live in Adelaide which is a crap place and Google is yet to update it with all the cool MapsGL stuff :(
No go for me. I should meet all the system requirements but Maps says I don't and refuses to switch on MapsGL.

Chrome 15.0.874.106
Mac OS 10.7
iMac 2010
ATI 4850 HD
Wow! As always, nice work team. Much faster, much smoother. Amazing stuff. Very slick!
Absolutely brilliant, blazing speed on my
Chromium 15.0.874.106
Arch (Stable channel)
Nvidia 8600GTS.
+Dirk Spannaus Location services ("My Location") works a little differently in MapsGL right now but you can still use it. If you're getting directions, you can still use "My Location" as a starting/destination point. Your browser should ask you if you'd like to use a "rough estimate", which is usually pretty accurate. Try this out in Chrome and see if it works for you. You don't need to pick between MapsGL and the "My Location" feature! For anyone else interested, I'm referencing this feature announced a few weeks ago --
My connection is slow, so MapsGL is not working correctly!
I can't wait to see how the relationships between +Google Maps Google Earth & Google Places evolve over time, as technology advances... endless possibilities!
Great vision once again. Thanks for acquiring keyhole way back when...
Wow! I just tried it. The new MapsGL, and it's pretty impressive. Greats job +Google Maps!
Bleh, MapsGL won't work on my own laptop with Intel 945GM graphics. Why should I be limited to 45 degree Satellite View for rotation just because I have an integrated graphics card as old as Windows Vista? I dual-boot between Windows 7 and Ubuntu using Google Chrome as my browser, by the way. At least me force-enable it to see for myself if it works or not. I mean, WebGL as a whole can be force-enabled on my browser, why not MapsGL?

Oh well, at least I can use MapGL on a different computer, when family isn't using it.

-geopgeop, Regional Expert Reviewer on Google Map Maker
+Geoffrey Perez odd, my insufficient laptop didnt force me back to the non mapsgl version... i did disable it though since th video card just couldnt handle it
Chan Li
my system not support web GL , i think i got a pretty good pc ,sigh
It's great that "My Location" in MapsGL can be used for directions, but what I often use it for is to find my location so I can find the nearest whatever. So, it's not possible to do that currently with MapsGL
No :(
Not working for me...

Chromium 15.0.874.106 on Ubuntu 11.10
On Acer Extensa 5620:
CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU T5550 @ 1.83GHz
VGA: Intel Corporation Mobile GM965/GL960
RAM: 1GiB + 2GiB SODIMM DDR2 Synchronous 667 MHz (1,5 ns)

Will it be available for me in the future? :)
MapsGL is cool, although it doesn't really work well on my computer. What I'm really wondering is when will we be able to see the functionality of the Google Earth plugin replicated with WebGL? I think it would open up earth-based web apps to a wider audience, especially people who might not want to download the plugin or whose computers aren't compatible (chromebooks). It seems like MapsGL is big a step in that direction.
I turned this on in Firefox, and now whenever I open Google Maps in Firefox the browser hangs: all the pages turn blank and become unresponsive. Is there a cookie I can remove to disable it? The intro screen doesn't even get far enough for me to see the "Classic" button, so I can't turn it off that way.
Similar problem here. I have the following:

Ubuntu 10.04
Chrome 16.0.912.77
nVidia G92 [GeForce 9800 GT] (rev a2)
AMD Phenom(tm) II X6 1090T Processor

Also tried with Firefox 9.0.1 with no luck.
Thanks William. I just tried that with no luck. Is there a download or widget or something that I need to install in Chrome? I just click on the blue "Try it now" button.
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