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Calling all #GoogleMaps ninjas—time to put your trivia skills to the test! Play #SmartyPins at
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I wish you could move a pin for a business that's been automatically improperly placed. The drag the pin option doesn't seem to work correctly in Chrome (latest version).
Put colours on the map to give a destination.
+Gene Reese ,l had that problem many times. Pain in the a.... !!?😉
This must work more accurate, Some different color or shape for marks would be great , and the ability to Name that pinned place can save a lots of time.
I also have the problem to locate myself with delay. A lot. My old Nokia was Awesome & Very accurate to know my location fast , and the very exact direction l was heading to !!? This app never Satisfied my needs like the old map I had before.
Also voice guide was available in any country, even Afghanistan. This doesn't do that. Lots of things to improve for google map. Very disappointing. 
it so fun but need smart brain
Productivity at work came to a hault.  .  .  this is actually fun!
I telling Charley the facts of life. If something happen to me? They come in and get him. He not looking thrilled
Apparently I would have broken the internet if I had done better. That could have been interesting. It's not just for Americans. I am from Sweden and chose the category "science and geography". Mostly US related questions, but nothing the hint button couldn't help me with. Except a couple of course. Otherwise you wouldn't be reading this since the internet would've been broken. ;) Fun game! 
Great idea.. but obviously very roughly done. Here's the problem.. a lot of your questions are wrong. Example: Bridge over the River Kwai was filmed in Sri Lanka, not Thailand. And you get penalized a LOT for picking the right spot, but you want it in a different part of the country. Example for the soccer question asking which country has the best winning record, I chose Brasil, which is correct, but I was hundreds of miles off of your desired pin location, and thus penalized. Finally, there are times when my pin is only TWO MILES away from your magical location in the correct city and I get penalized. Cmon man.
Very very nice
Thank u Google 😊
I was trying it, it's asked me basically in which city are Egypt's pyramids, I say Cairo and it tells me they're 239 km away. Ok, maybe they're not technically in Cairo, but certainly they're not 239 km away.
Your questions assume that Sydney is the capital of Australia (it's not!), and that Get Carter was based in Newcastle, Northern Ireland - it's actually Newcastle-upon-Tyne...
Just make sure you have awesome service while playing if you don't it'll suck
That was fun but, It will be great to choose b country.
Lots of the questions were about the UK. Sports, fancy queen facts, and famous restaurants and bridges... I wish it were a bit more worldly 
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