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Jazz up your site or blog with the #newGoogleMaps by embedding a simple map, custom route, or local search.

If you see your profile icon in the top right corner when viewing these embedded maps, you may also see content tailored to you – like your saved places. This also means that you can star a location and save it for viewing on Google Maps for desktop or mobile. This information is only visible to you, and only when you’re signed-in.

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Try the new Google Maps:
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I see from the photo "My Places" is included.  Is that the "new" my places experience or does it still take users back into the old experience.
Though this feature stops being free if you actually get many hits, and printing a webpage with Google Maps embedded violates Google Maps terms of service. You don't have these problems if you use +OpenStreetMap #switch2osm
What an awesome great new feature. Can't wait to see more gorgeous maps on websites I visit. I love maps.
Did a little testing. First problem I ran into is that the number of points I could add to a route I was building was apparently limited to only 9? Couldn't add any after that I could add any shaping points either.

When I tried the embed option, I noticed the preview of the embed did not include all of the points, but some looked like they had been converted to shaping points. Not all though as the route no longer matched what I had put together.

Abandoned the test at that point as no use embedding a map of a route that doesn't match what I was trying to share.
+Jeff Causey if you want to share a multi point path, you need to do it as a set of kml waypoints. Don't blame a screwdriver for being bad at pounding nails!
+Tony Coyle classic maps was able to handle sharing of multi-point routes no problem. They could be embedded and the limit on the number of points was much higher. I shared the feedback on the assumption that one day Google Maps plans for the new maps to reach  (and hopefully exceed) feature parity with classic maps.
Bill C
Still waiting for the missing feature of my maps (and offline my maps especially) to return to mobile maps, 
Love the street view. 
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