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Ghana, Kenya, Côte d'Ivoire, Senegal, Estonia, Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia – what do all of these countries have in common? Today we launched voice guided, turn-by-turn navigation in all of them! 

Anyone planning on visiting any of these countries? If you are, remember to download Google Maps  if you haven't done so already!
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Please launch Google navigation in Slovenia as i hate using other apps for navigation. =/
Thank you for adding Bulgaria!  It'll help me out a lot when I go there in a month!
Well if you're already in Europe, why don't you include Slovenia too? It's a very small country, it will take you "only an hour" of your time. :D
This was huge news when it hit Australia.  Good for those countries!
Yes. And don't forget to bring a good satellite phone, because there is still no offline navigation option and in for example Kenya there is neither 3G nor good GSM coverage in many parts. ;-)
+Felix Berthelmann I assume that you could use offline maps (download maps) like in US while you are connected to the wifi
+Mahdi Shafiee We were talking about turn-by-turn navigation. If it's maps only, then a proper paper map is way more fun to use. ;-)
Wow great news for my country (côte d'ivoire)
what about Puerto Rico? even though it is a US territory, we still don't have navigation
When you will activate Navigation for Indonesia ( T_T)
Provide me with a Google Street View car and I'll do Puerto Rico. ;-) I would also like to see Puerto Rico included in Google Street View. 
liew my
Please launched voice guided, turn-by-turn navigation for Malaysia (South East Asia) ASAP :)
Sweet althoguht am not planning 2 do !
Why do you still use the Galaxy Nexus instead of the Nexus 4 in the screen shot? 
Ooh hoO
wait navigation mode on thailand
Thanks from slovakia!
We are still waiting for you here in Malaysia, offline map and turn-by-turn navigation.
COLOMBIA!! Why do you take so long? 
Come on Google Maps Nigeria pls we need your presence here. The largest population in Africa deserves turn by turn navigation. Nigeria next plsssss
+Arturo Mtz well yeah but it's illegal in many other countries, social change takes time especially in such a "conservative and religious" environment. But it's not like folks are being hounded and jailed for being gay so the whole "being put to death" thing is not realistic. There are several gay friendly clubs in some cities. For what it's worth the current Minister for Gender, Children and Social Protection is a well known Gay rights advocate (force for change maybe?...maybe!) ok this isn't even the forum for this. Stay cool bruh!
Please add Greece! It would help with the economic situation.
+Google Maps Ironically, the street in this screenshot is closed for traffic, you would be fined for going like the arrow shows :)
Only taxis, public transport and of course pedestrians are allowed there.
Indonesia!!!! Indonesia for God's sake!!!! 
offline map availabble for download version plz
+Google Maps when are you going to enable navigation in Malaysia? I'm lost without turn by turn navigation here in Malaysia.. 
Slovakia but not Slovenia! :-( Common we are in EU too!
At least put the "enable beta navigation" in options, for unsupported countries. With hacked APK it works everywhere! But I don't want to manually update the app.
Need offline maps pls, even in UK where essentialy needed navigation no 3G to use Google maps. Makes Google maps pretty obsolete in those areas. That's why I have to still depend on proper GPS navigators.
Great news for my country Ghana... Wow
when for philippines? we are also top users of android phones as well..
what about Bosnia and Herzegovina...maps there haven't been updated for ages
+Google Maps How to enable voice guidance if the language of the phone is different from the 5 languages  of TTS supports?? I have the phone in Catalan....but the TTS only works in English-Spanish-Italiano-French...I only get "Beeps" sounds...Why we can't choose the language?
+Christian Dela Cruz Not until the MMDA or DPWH becomes consistent. Or even when our congresscritters stop renaming roads just so they could say they passed legislation.
How about Nigeria and Niger republic?
I'm glad google give us turn by turn navigation in Kenya.
Tracy T
Exciting news!!:) :)
If you have been to Africa you would know this has limited usefulness. Half of the addresses don't exist because the houses were built in an alley without a street number. 
did google finally let us to improve maps and correct mistakes with street addreses ?
+John Iat Really? These are good news! If techs were in Chania, that means that Athens, Salonica and large cities are already mapped?
Nous attendons encore à la Martinique que cela nous arrive également.. Wait again...
Navigation is working great in Estonia, thank you! Bring mapmaker to Estonia also, so we can fix the little things
You can report map problems to Teleatlas, worked fine for adding one small street in Tallinn
you guys forgot Uganda. the guys at outbox are doing a good job mapping... adding Uganda would be a good reward...
can you put Vietnam in the list too???
 +Google Maps  why is Nigeria not on the list. When will Nigeria be on the list. i jumped ship to android 2years ago and still waiting for navigation in nigeria. its totallly not cool. i still get to carry about my nokia symbian to get a voice navigation while on the road. its reallly not comfortable using such outdated OS in 2013 due lack one google Nav in NIGERIA
Thanks Google, this is a very nice gift for us in Baltic states!
update lynden hamilton ontario NOW!
People from Greece, can you check your Maps Navigation? Google's site says it's now available.
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