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Hit the road, go off the grid, or plan an epic adventure with the updated #GoogleMaps app. Check out the latest features rolling out today →  
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Deal with all car companies to implement maps instead of offline cards in their navigation systems pls. Awesome.
Great!  I use Google Maps all the time.  With this and Google Now, the whole experience is fantastic.
jl sc
offline maps is still useless since it only stores rediculously small maps. makes its navigation usefullness pretty limited. too many places still out there with no signal.
A Nexus 5 would be better to show off the update🙀
Offline maps was great for me when I stayed at Disneyland recently. We managed to walk back to our hotel without getting lost lol. It's better now with this update, but still a bit odd to have the save for offline option in the search bar
Yes, that's pretty true +jl sc - But that's not gonna change until the internet companies get more towers out there or Google gets their own network going someday. 
 That would be great.
damn... Google just ethered Apple Maps before Apple could even speak... again
Wish to see google maps at itunes turkey store as well
Great, but the easiest and most needed feature (at least for me) is still missing: saved places custom names!

You say "Don’t forget the park you wanted to visit" but if I tap and add a saved place and I look at my saved places list I see the bookmarks with a default name (if it is a google place) or with the coordinates, wich in this case are useless. 

I wish I could add a bookmark and call it "my girlfriend's house" or "strange water fountain" or "where I found someone's wallet on the ground" and so on... :)
+Matteo Laliscia completely agree. Plus I would also like to just name a point on the map Home or Work instead of typing in an address in Settings.
For the people who are actually allowed to save maps in their regions, can +Google Maps calculate a route while offline?
+Google Maps What exactly are the point of Offline maps when you can't search for directions in area that you have made available offline? Pretty useless if you're using turn-by-turn and need to re-route in an area with crappy signal.  It's the one and only thing prevents +Google Maps being a permanent replacement for a dedicated satnav 
And in Turkey, we can not use Google Maps officially. Shame on you Google 
+Google Maps
You forgot to add Slovenia for offline mapping again. In 6.14.4 and below it was possible, but from 7.0.0 isn't anymore :/ Now we're on version 8.0.0. I don't have Make this map area available offline card when trying to make offline maps in Slovenia, and even if I set the area over Austria or Croatia and then move over Slovenia, I got message Area unavailable
And yes, we have Navigation and Street View available here. Please put us on the list or are we treated as a Banana republic? Thanks
+Google Maps why is trip information like time left, miles left time of arival available for iOS and not for android?
+Dennis Hyseneshi I've always been able to see ETA by tapping the info bar at the bottom. But the new update automatically shows all you mentioned on that bar now anyway
Hmm +Dennis Hyseneshi, When I have my navigation on when driving to set location, at the bottom of the screen, I show minutes left, miles left and time of arrival.  They don't show all at once.  If you touch that part it will change to the 3 choices.
Oh cool, +Barry Ward - I haven't had the chance to download the update yet.  Thank you.
I thought Google maps made it impossible to go off the grid? 
wish i had friends..and i would go off road....
I don't understand Google as of late because they had a great maps app before v7.0 and half the stuff in the new one was not added or taking out. Here comes v8.0 which adds things that were either there or better back in v6.x.x soooo?

The area which maps can be saved offline seems smaller also there is no visual que showing what will be saved.
How about finally adding search results that aren't all over the place +Google Maps. When I search for places nearby the first result is 3 kilometers away, the second one is 1 kilometer away and the last one is eight kilometers away. Sort results by distance, A to Z and by rating. I've been saying this for over a year and still nothing. But thanks for the offline maps that's really helpful
The lane help is so damn awesome! Really waited so long for it! 
jl sc
+Silver Veloz dont disagree with that at all. Just saying, the way things are in the US google navigation is pretty useless for anything other than short local trips. I use navigon in my phone for any medium or long distance trips.
Some nice features. But i hope to see user spheres on google maps mobile soon. That would make google maps views much more popular. Is this feature planned +Google Maps ?
Still no scale bar (permanent). Very disappointing for a map to not have one... Please don't take away the north arrow
Still hopeless to save offline, both to find the option, the need to zoom, the hopeless way to find zoom level supported... Either remove offline or make it work !
Wish you could download an entire countries directions data for offline use like TomTom.
+Google Maps offline route planning please! Still the awesomest navigation solution in history, but if it had offline route planning, people would have no reason whatsoever to still own a designated gps navigation unit.
... The minor note is 'when available'... so where I am now, is not... For maps offline is not clear what area exactly is saved offline. Is it a city, a country or a city's district? What if I want to save offline a country?
+Gregor Vogel Along with personal spheres I'd also like to see Pegman and normal streetview (without having to first tap on a business.)

Honestly, hard to get excited about the updates to maps & navigation... the past year has shown me that the +Google Maps team isn't interested in returning maps to its former glory.  They had a great usable app which they ditched in favor of slicker maps... nice, but at the expense of the features which made it great in the first place. I've submitted several dozen bug reports and feature requests and am just tired of it.  I'm sure they could view my lack of feedback as everything is OK.  In reality, its that I simply use maps about 10% of what I used to and have lowered my expectations.
jl sc
Actually, they could do away with maps in favor of movin navigation to earth. A much better app and would give 3d nav.
Nice update, but there are two very important features still missing:

1. Search for addresses and route plotting offline on downloaded maps. Full blown navigation would be awesome, but at least let us plot routes.

2. Multipoint routes on Android.

Come on, Google, you are lagging behind!
Why Google doesn't use their own phone instead of its rival's, nobody knows! Nexus 5!!!!!
Need money first a handy man!!! contract would help
+Google Maps this is all really neat and all, but PLEASE, PLEASE, PRETTY PLEASE add waypoints to navigation.  This feature is the one glaring omission in otherwise fine turn-by-turn navigation software.   For example, when navigating a route between locations in two different cities, it's simply a terrible user experience to have to cancel the destination point just to find a restaurant that might be a couple of miles off the highway along the way.  We should be able to insert the detour into the existing route just like Garmin and TomTom allow you to do.
Still mourning the loss of Latitude!  Can't friends' locations be in both G+ and Maps?
I'll keep using version 6 til all the functionality comes back, thanks... 
+Bo Najdrovsky This is exactly what I've been missing.... Funny thing is, this USED to be an option and they removed it when they overhauled the interface... It was called 'search along route' and I agree, it is a BASIC functionality feature that should be there! 
Looking forward to try these features when I get the update. 
So we can now open Google Maps, AND Uber, but there still isn't even an option to open Locations? It still makes absolutely zero sense to separate two services that use the same maps. 
Any plans on releasing multi level feature for tours on the app? 
Yes. Very useful. Thank you.
An AMAZING update.  Buttons are bigger so a vibrating screen can still be touched accurately.  The large bottom bar finally has more information in it.  Lane guidance is great.  And only one touch to shut down.  FINALLY - it's all good!
When we can choose the speaker for all output? When I'm in my car and not listening to a bluetooth audio source such as FM or XM, I don't hear Google Maps directions. 
+Matthew Jago Thanks for your feedback. Offline maps can help you find your way when exploring off the grid; save on roaming fees when you cross the border; and keep down data usage when all you need is GPS—your location on a map.  
+Dennis Hyseneshi The Google Maps update for Android is rolling out to the Play Store now. Please look out for version 8.0.
+Google Maps pls integrated w/ foursquare so i can ci in both of them, or create more database venue rather than 4sq :))
Excited to try the lane feature. Was just thinking about this the other day and poof... here it is.
+Google Maps why you no enable immersive mode for 4.4? Google Maps would be perfect for that, wouldn't it?
loving the new update; it shaved 30 min off my commute!
guys, guys!  you need to make StreetView Winter edition and Night edition! That would be the next thing! :)))
Please bring back Latitude, its better in my own opinion
Great new additions!

We need offline maps for Japan and Spain, please :)
Everyone rejoice, Google just reinstated options they removed a year ago! What an amazing update - now it's almost as good as it used to be! Google are the best!
Integrating speed cameras would make a great app even greater.
Nu stiu cum am ajuns aici.Caut locuri de munca in iasi.

Too bad that offline maps does not work in Brazil. Dear Google, where do you think will I spend my next holidays? Ever heard of the FIFA World Cup 2014? -> Fail.
I'm still hoping to have access to My Maps on a future update.

With that said, having access to offline maps and the improvements to directions is really nice.
Hmmm, this might bring me back from waze. Will google bring all of the other waze features across?

It's a much better apple app. Now to get my android and see if it's as good as it was before features disappeared.
How do you download map to use when theres no signal? 
Thanks for the update, lane guidance is great. Please implement POI along the route. It is cumbersome to search for gas stations or restaurants and have to figure out which ones are behind me and which are too far off the route. Along with this saved POI along route so can specify a brand of Gas station, or Restaurant like Starbucks along the route. Maybe also a slider to set how far off the route your willing to drive to go there.
would be great if you added navigation for south korea in this update
A little indication that some of the features, especially "download maps for offline use", are not available in some (Which ones?) countries would be nice. And it would be even nicer to have an explanation of WHY we can't have those features.

EDIT: hmm, it seems like  I have "download for offline use". But it doesn't always show up. For example, if I search "Madrid" and select the first option, the pin goes to Madrid, but I can't save the map. However, if I set the pin manually, long-pressing somewhere in Madrid, I have it. I've tried that for several cities in Spain and it is always the same. I've tried it for foreign cities, and it works just with the search result. Strange.
I like Google map's think work just fine:-)
I use Google maps daily for my real estate business
Ohh google you are the matrix, and I don't wanna wake up to the real life
Love it. Tried the directions/sat nav last night. Much improved. 
This update broke the ability for my other apps, Runtastic for instance, to use the GPS. Anyone else?
How do I search along route?  What if I'm on a trip and need gas?  or a doughnut? or a cheeseburger?
How do I share a searched route to another person. .. cant find that share link anymore ? 
Been there, done that, before Google was a thing. 
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