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Join us for a Hangout On Air tomorrow, when we walk you through one of our newest features: Photo Tours! We’ll be kicking things off at 1pm PT (9pm GMT). Have a question about Photo Tours? Leave it in the comments below and we’ll try to get to it during the Hangout.

How to watch the Hangout On Air: Just come back here to the Google Maps page, and when we start the Hangout, you’ll see a big video box (a la YouTube) at the top of our Posts tab. Hit the “play” arrow icon in that box, and you’ll be able to watch a livestream of the Hangout. Or add us to your circles, and look for our Hangout post at the start of that hour in your Stream.
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Didn't M$have something similar called Photosynth?
What i hate is that you demand that xda-forums guys must not post modified versions of Maps (that have navigation working worldwide). That is so against your policy of openness...surely xda didnt earn anything with this. Or the modders themselves. That is just stupid - now less people will use your Maps services. Copiright infringement my foot!!!
+Tomi Golob Google has always been crystal crystal clear that their Apps on Android are part of a Google branded phone and are not open source. This is what they use to ensure phone manufacturers and carriers meet a basic standard in phones. If they did not protect their closed source applications, they would not be able to enforce them on their partners either, and it would not hold up in a court of law where it really matters.

Not that I don't want a modded version, but Google sensibly and reasonably needs to protect these things, just like any business does.
+Richard Vowles yes I understand that but it still sucks and i bet there are other ways to tackle this problem. Makes me think they will never make a global Navigation enabled Maps version. They couldve made it themselves and modding wouldnt happen. And nobody made a buck out of modding this app. That's the problem of Google and Android - they want an opensourced environment and yet their business part of thinking limits that openness,you know? I understand what you wrote but i think Google should change its policy regarding this. Why not make gApps packages (okay,with exceptions) opensourced ? Im not a business oriented person so forgive my naive statements and questions
+Google Daily hey i didnt know your page exists...adding u to circles :) nice logo btw - this should be the logo of Currents imho - the current Currents logo is not so appealing (current Currents ...sorry for such a strange word use from my part :) :)
change United Arab Nation to Iran's Cities@@@@ Persian Gulf for eve
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