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How to hide your secret nuclear bunker. Step one. Don't signpost it. #streetview

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Good tips! to be given to Korean! ha! ha! ha!
The sign is pointing the wrong way, of course. That'll fool them.
Well worth a visit. I'd tell you more but.....
Everybody knows that the secret nuclear bunker is really just a shed with some garden gnomes outside it.
Name the Car for 10 points.... 
Hmmm... I can't find any Austin 7s with rear lights.... 
Frankly, I think "Chipping Ongar" is funnier.
Ahahah! :D Muito secreto, sem dúvida! XD 
No more secret any more okay,everybody will die old age,when time come,ha......zzzzzzzz,zzzzzzzz.
Having actually been to see said nuclear bunker, another amusing thing I found was the toilet(wc) room was directly above where prime minster was meant to sleep. Wondered if the designers had something to say about politics of the country...
Go there and ask the crew if you can make some pics from the secret bunker inside :P
The car is a 1924 Citroen Type C2 5CV, a simple +google seach would have found this.
Yeah as others have said this is a decommissioned Bunker that's open to the public
Any one not in the UK will think "LoL" but actually it isn't, Brown markings on the signs indicate cultural/historic locations to visit.
There are several not very Secret former Nucelar Bunkers in Great Britain, but Kelvedon Hatch remains one of the most well known :)

I really must get out there and tag it as an Ingress Portal...
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The secret is it's actually to the right.
I've been there. It's and old "cold war" bunker. There are lots dotted all over Britain. This one was sold to a private company and they have opened it up for public viewing. It's a good visit. When we went there a role playing group had hired it for a zombie apocalypse event!
There's a similar sign pointing to Hack Green Nuclear Bunker in Cheshire. Funny thing is, none of our GPS devices could locate the place. 
Hack Green is the base from which Margaret Thatcher launched the attack on the Belgrano during the Falklands Conflict. 
How to hide your secret nuclear bunker on Google Maps. Step Two: Give it the code name "Argleton" on local authority maps.
Damn it! Now I have to relocate! Anyone knows a good location for a secret nuclear bunker? Ofc I'm going to have to kill you afterwards......
Damn I just put my sign up yesterday. Thank u Google for thinking this through. Taking my sign down.... now. 
lol.  SHHH!!!'s a SECRET bunker.  =P
nigga look da real king 100 james up my lil cuz 
Just in case you did know already, how nice of them. Lol
I don't know about this one but I have been to one that was build into a hill. In fact it was not build into the hill. The hill was excavated. Then the bunker was build and the hill was put up over the bunker. And they think they could have kept that work secret.
It's a former secret nuclear bunker. It's a tourist attraction now. 
Drove past here the other day on my way home... Double took at the sign then laughed... Not sure which is worse... The fact that there's a nuclear bunker near my home or the fact that's it's secret?? 
It is a secret to the aliens that can not read that language.
 I mean, should have the option to watch 3D maps without google maps
The one in Scotland has been turned into a cold war museum, but the one in south York's is where the deputy pm meets his gay boys.
Is it still a secret no..... I guess not. better not be some party im missing out on.......
Been there. Its a great place to visit and if you don't live too far away it is definitely worth going on the tour. .
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Hidden in plain view..."It's obviously a decoy."
O gosh. Is it Bentwood UK? I have to find it out. It's in the near.
That's a marketing consultant worth their money. Do you think they would have got as many visitors to 'Nuclear Bunker'?
Go past it regular but still dont have a clue where it is lol
The sign is just meant to mislead.. The real secret bunker is actually in the opposite direction. 
Not the nuclear bunker but I actually drove past it. It's in Dublin.
One of these in Cheshire as well good place to go
The bigger the secret, the more people must know!
Why is this the case?  Big secrets are well known.  It doesn't make sense!
+Precut ODST that's the idea of a big secret, it's kept by a big number of people
they didn't have to put the secret there. if they hadn't it wouldn't be as bad.
Now a well known (and signposted) tourist attraction, well worth a visit.
yes we"very only been laughing at that one for twenty years. Bit backward in the UK you see...
Has anyone else seen the really nice car in the bottom left and its a helpful sign in a apocalypse "oh sh*t zombies where do we go" "follow the signs you dumb f*ck
Love it when I Travel less my change of get of missing some thing!! It give feel of where I am going.
I've been there, it's really interesting.

Don't go if you're expecting calls though, for obvious reasons the whole bunker is built inside a giant faraday cage.
Whilst in Ongar , I saw this sign ....I thought mm the same as most of the comments

I'll just tell everyone where my nuclear bunker is, so they won't tell anybody. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Its a secret!
amazing, now the secrets can be googleable
That is actually the name of the site. It's the Essex Nuclear Bunker.

But it is in Essex, which means that the owners are probably stupid.
Its going to be china the nuclear war while God sits in heaven and waits we are our own destruction.
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