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Put your geography skills to the test in the #GoogleMaps 'Earth from Above' topic on +QuizUp

Play #QuizUp  on your Android ( or iPhone (
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Nexus 5 if not that then at least a iPhone 5S. Just not a 5C
+Teo Jacques It might be because people know Google stuff is available on Android, but they might not know that it is on iOS too
+Haden Wasserbaech yes maybe. But I also don't understand why some google apps are better on iPhones than on android
If your going to put an iphone on there, at least put a 5s. I know they're trying to get iphone users to use more Google services, but don't put trash on here.
+Haden Wasserbaech that's really not good. For example (in my opinion) the YouTube app sucks. Lots of functionalities are missing
I love this game!! 😄😄😄
Why in the world would you use an IPhone to make this ad and not a Nexus?
+QuizUp Isn't it great to get a shout out from +Google Maps More publicity=more downloads just updated my app! 
Maybe this is an old photo when quizup isnt on android?
that's how i've spent my yesterday night :)
Who want's teach me how to play this?
Very fun game! now mothe things from google in the app. Ingress very good to!
Google please fix about Ingress in QuizUp! 
What I you talking about guys google map or food if so mmmmmmmm like it 
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