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Have you heard of Maps Labs? It’s testing ground for experimental features that aren't quite ready for primetime. They may change, break or disappear at any time, but can be really useful for certain tasks, like measuring distances, quick zooming and looking up coordinates. You can also access Lab features on Android devices, simply visit Settings → Labs. #gmapstip
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I would love of somebody would add range circles - it would make control field planning MUCH easier in #ingress
Subtle "didn't read the article being linked" post:
'Product-specific Labs sites, like Gmail Labs, Google Maps Labs and Search Experiments, aren't affected by the decision to close down Google Labs, a company spokesman said via e-mail.'
+Google Maps I'm a Trucker that works the I5 corridor from Southern California to Washington State. I would appreciate Google maps adding commercial routes, driving directions and restrictions for weight n height! ! ! I believe many commercial truck drivers would pay for the added features, I know I would...
They haven't add any new features to Maps Labs in a long time :(
I just want the Link button to work when I'm using Earth view.
My G-Maps is never setup proper-like without using LABS !
Search for a Baskin Robins in El Segundo, CA. You get Pennsylvania.

I phone map doesn't do that.

Road Trip!
still better than apple maps......... (not implying that this sucks)
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