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Gain an edge on holiday travel with #StreetView in 16 airports, over 50 train and subway stations, and even a cable car station in Hong Kong (pictured:

See the new Street View transit locations on a map:
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I wish we could have a simple StreetView embedder in Google+ for posts like these, it'd be really awesome for just a singular location, like a photosphere.
I wish I can bring street view to more exotic places in Hong Kong when I go hiking
I notice that the airports especially, with often wide-open areas, really highlight problems with the streetview interface...
+Dafydd Young I expect there's very little that doesn't fall into that category... ><

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wchorzowie tesz som wagoniki tylko krutko jerzdzom
Awesome cable car in HK.  Been on it a couple of times -- fantastic view of the entire airport.
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That's an Awesome ride to go there. It's Amazing and Spectacular. 
Lantau island is among the most spectacular places in H.K. Having Chek Lap Kok HKG airport at ur feet worths the journey!
It is very beutiful and Iam fan of google photo graphers
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