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#GMapsTip Click anywhere on the #newGoogleMaps to get the geographic coordinates of a place. Learn more:

Update: Link has been updated, apologies for any confusion!
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Learn more link doesn't work - says that page is unavailable.
great, now it´s quite easier to plan terror attacks ;) dear NSA, just kidding!!! ;)
Very helpful to see the latitude and longitude so conveniently. What a great feature!
Brilliant, the beta features are coming back
Hey +Google Maps why offline maps still doesn't work in Brasil since the support page shows that it works? When is it gonna work?
Bring back the way to measure distance! BRING IT BACK! 
This is good!
But what about the link we could use to integrate in our sites? Before they were visible and now? Should we use the long link we see on the browser up?
Great this is back, but you need to be able to save/share those coordinates and give it a name.
Thanks Jason, I found it, now my map is on another one language and I was not able to understand it. :-)
Time saver with working in Lightroom, thank you! 
He Permit At People To Learn The World
But Me I Doesn't Speek English Very Well I Speek French
I still miss a tool to measure distances.
Would love to see a more useful grid based system option like US National Grid.  Lat/Lon does very little for ground based navigation.
I am loving the new maps engine +Esri better watch out.  great work.
that's great +Google Maps shows the coordianate. but it will be more useful if the coordinate is shown in decimal, or at least there is an option to set it to show as decimal coordinate.

just a thought
yes, that feature is also missing. but still we can use dropped point feature and send it to our friend using gmail, hangout or any other software :)
Really wish you'd suck with decimal degrees, or provided a way to extract these (perhaps when clicking on the value, inserting DD value into the search box)
Will you solve the "Mars coordinates" issue in China which will cause the offsets??
I'm glad they added this back in. The old maps had this and I found it useful on occasion.
Finally back. Coordinates were off for some time. 
I hope they also return back 'My Current Location' icon ⭕
geocachers rejoice!
I had hacked together a Leaflet page to do this a few months ago for use when placing geocaches but it kept breaking when Google would change the satellite view imagery.  I probably did not have it rigged correctly.
The onclick coords still work though:

Nice to see the addition to Google Maps.
I'm soo glad to see more and more features of the classic maps come to the new google maps. Like multiple destinations entry for tracing routes. 
I can't find anywhere in the preferences to show this in decimal degrees. Decimal degrees should be the default option, which is the way it works in Bing Maps.
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