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Whether you call this place by its Māori name of "Piopiotahi" or go with "Milford Sound", it sure looks beautiful #streetview #scenicstreetviewfridays
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+Patrik Hanson it's when you see the people in comparison that the size really becomes evident :)
Cool one, i like staying there for sometime ;) 
Amazing view. Heaven is surely a place on earth :)
It looked good...until I seen the trashy placement of the picnic tables and the humans. We sure know how to mess things up, don't we?
I've seen Doubtful Sound, a little further south than Milford.  One of the most beautiful places I've seen.
i think it also has the most expensive petrol station in fill up before you go!
That is absolutely beautiful countryside.... WOW
Google you are just amazing.....
That is one of the most beautiful places that I have been to.
منظر خيالي ابداع التصوير
It is beautiful especially in the summer when all the lupins are out in show. I just love my country!!
Who did you pay to get the sun to shine for so long to take the picture? When I visited Milford sound in 2008 the guide on the boat said that the longest spell with out rain was 9days!!
think this is New Zealand..would love to visit there!..beautiful!
everyone cares jerry king
Been there a few years ago and it was awesome.
Why other parts of earth have to look different. Even deserts can be made green
I think every country land is beotifull.and every one living happily n his country.otherwise its awesome looking.

How many photos will Google Earth need to be able to use computers to create a point of view image from anywhere on Earth. I.E. A database to simulate Earth.
One of the most beautiful places I've ever been.
i am jealous... looks like paradise
U can call it wht ever but at the end u got to call it beautiful ! !
Had a great tour there two years ago with "Southern Discoveries" starting from Te Anau. It's a wonderful place, but you can have bad luck regarding the weather.
I just wish to be in such places but dime and access..O.M.G
when we were there is started wet but was sunny on the boat's return. Milford Sound is just one beautiful place in a beautiful country
sorry Semakul - what's your question? Where do I live? If so in my profile
Damn you, New Zealand... hogging all the world's best [accessible] scenery! 
Wow, gotta save some money if I want to go there.
I keep getting these things on my phone it's too loud!!!
Damn, give me a boat and a couple bottles of jack Daniel's :)
Been there. Fantastic cruise and scenery. 
Guessing it is New Zealand...
Great choice for Streetview Friday! I've been there to walk the Milford Track and it's as beautiful as advertised!
yes in the south island of new zealand > very beautiful :) very friendly & kind people "  paradise <3
That looks beautiful!

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That is NZ for you! It might be a second world country but it sure is beautiful! 
How'd ya like to wake up to THIS every morning? It's SO beautiful!!
I don't know...if I woke up to that every morning, I don't think I'd want to go to work - EVER!! LOL
One detail missing. 98% of the days is raining ;-) But still amazing place to see. 
New Zealand is on my list of future destinations.
You got to see Cedartown Ga it's gorgeous
What a pity I haven't been there. Beautiful 120%
When it rains, it can be even more awesome
Wonder what time of year this photo was taken.
wow. nice and amaizing view. i love it.
love what my name is erik
Ahhh... -_- Such a good view! :D
I wish i was there right now!!! :D
P.S i need some people on my circles
=( :(
wow. nice and amaizing view. i love it.
its very very,.!? Amazing,,,...!! Picture men...
wow. nice and amaizing view. i love it.
You want more amazing? The Milford track (3 x day tramp) starts nearby. 
that kinda looks like lost but with no roads and buildings
I have always wanted to travel in New Zealand.
What a beautiful photo of my village town uttranchal's really beatiful..i really want to go a place like that
Spent the holidays there. It's really a nice place.
Visiting in 2 week's time! Woo hoo! 
been there, done that and want to do it again!!!
I wonder if ingress portals are there?
Wow nice place!!! Time for some traveling on google map!
Last year we stayed there...its an amazing place to visit..
lin mer
Been there, amazing place

Been there, just stunning,;

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