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Outsmart traffic and save time on the road— #GoogleMaps will notify you if there’s a faster route. Now on iPhone and Android, where navigation is available.

 iPhone users: get the latest update at
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Now that is super news, but where's the android update?
Ran Manor
Isn't it dangerous to hit the 'Accept' button while driving?
Please, please, please, please bring back "navigation" without entering a destination.  Or at least put a setting in to allow the screen to stay on while using Google Maps.  Seems like a feature that should have been in the new Google Maps from day 1, yet here we are, many months from the refresh and still hasn't been brought back from old Maps. 
+Stuart Crabtree
+EDU MEDINAS Because Android updates push out over a long ass period of worthless time to catch bugs, unlike the iphone delivery where users can get it immediately. 
can you configure it to automatically re-route you to the faster route than asking you?
Bring back Google Latitude please....
My question is: why doesn't Google Maps have a standalone GPS? Or is that in the works +Google Maps??? An answer would be highly appreciated :-)
This is not new for Android users.
Clive L
unless google map give me back the zoom-out button, everything else is just ordinary and secondary.
Android version coming late almost every time. Why?
Used to rely on Google Maps a lot until recently when it seemed to not find a route many times or just not work correctly. Back to the other Google GPS WAZE I go.
They're getting ready to turn it on.
The only reason I use waze is to report traffic etc. Then I go back to Google maps.
Since Google's Waze does this, and auto switches to the faster route, why would I use Maps for GPS driving? My passenger can use Maps POI while Waze speaks, so is driving with Maps mainly to avoid downloading a dedicated (bigger?) driving app?
Tom Z
It would have been nice if they left the Android version alone at 6. I'm running the version 6 on Android because it is better than the apple inspired version 7. Look into, the traffic screen is much more drive friendly in 6.
+Ran Manor If I'm looking at the screenshot correctly it looks as if the decline button has a timer, so if you don't press it, the new route is selected.

It's dangerous to do anything in the car, including drive.

+Ian Lewis You can use the share function to send your location to others or to yourself. I know it's not great, but its all we got... Personally I want to be able to star any location. I've sent a feature request for it, but I guess enough people aren't asking for it.
Please add a feature to auto accept suggestions for faater route. I don't want to press accept while driving. 
Why this App dose not work by GPS only?
Hi guys, can you PLEASE add option to Save/Star Directions/Route? When I'm travelling I like to have the directions on how to get from point A to point B and want to have it available offline.
+Terry Cameron I think it is the other way around, decline would be auto selected when the timer runs out. Since I do most of my commuting via motorcycle with my phone in my pocket and Bluetooth speakers in my helmet, I can never accept the new route. I probably wouldn't even know there is a better route available unless it has a particular sound and I pull over to check it out.
+Yanto Buduh not for using just using the gps tracking feature. Make an account. Put the circles of who you want to be able to track you. Enable it. Never use g+ again if that's what you want. On mobile use the location widget and you can jump between your friends
This also happens to be a great way of showing how much nicer the screen on the Nexus 5 is. :-)
Alex D.
+Clive L : zoom-in/zoom-out with a single finger still works: double-tap - hold - slide up/down ;)
So Waze finally arrived at Google Maps, huh?

I like it!
আচ্ছা আমি গুগলে ভিডিও ক্লিপ কিভাবে শেয়ার করবো?
+Mark Meyer "unlike the iphone delivery where users can get it immediately" lol, yes, right, immediately.
Android users already have this AFAIK, I saw the option once
yes this is an amazing feature.  I just noticed that it does not work all the time.  I wish it would work regardless of your location but around the same time you planned on going home.  
soooooo, android bought WAZE just to make this on their app? hahaha
I've had this for 6 months on my Android phone.
can you fix the zoom so when i want to zoom to a 'regional level' in navigation it doesnt automatically zoom out to show the WHOLE route. PLEASE. ITS SO ANNOYING
LOL, there is no fast way across 520!
Google, you have F'd your excellent maps into a useless crap. 
What's dumb is Google doesn't even use translucent notification on android app yet, but they do on IOS
This is what I've been waiting for :)
I REALLY want a disable lock feature for google maps. It's the only reason i don't use it as my maps app all the time.
Hey Google since you guys are so awesome can you add multiple destinations to the app. And then an option for shortest or quickest route between each destination. 
I need advice...why when i go on my google maps?then see location history..there r"places i have never been too.. Anyone advice please..
+Yessica Nasssiri Maybe you mistyped(?) it in Maps, you did a voicesearch and it didn't get it right.
Google is syncronizing this data between platforms (If you type it on your PC it'll show it on your phone, too)
Please please please bring back search along route! I miss this so much when navigating somewhere and need to find a gas station/ store along the way!
As it is now you literally have to exit your route, search the new destination, then exit and return to your previous destination.... Torture! 
As you can see, it gives you a few seconds (ten?) to select "Accept". This is a bit bone-headed: I would like to always accept, but instead it defaults to "no thanks" - even if you are doing other things than look at the screen. Like driving. #fail
I second the request to bring back the ability to search along routes!
Any way to reroute? Keeps taking me back when there's a detoured.
I'm curious what kind of considerations go into the the minor aesthetic differences between presentations in iOS vs Android.  E.g. why is the text centered on iOS but not Android?  Why use "Reroute" on one but "Accept" on the other?
Mat, it is because iphone users are the ones who need a smartphone to do what apple says they can do. whereas the android users can do what they want with it. (unless it is a Samsung and on a Verizon network) basically the differences is people who own a Dell, HP, Toshiba, or mac. or the ones who custom build their own rig while getting better features and saving more.
Why does +Google Maps look better on iOS than on Android? And why the difference between "reroute" and "accept" ? 
I'm surprised that nobody noticed that the image above shows +Google Maps driving very close to right around Microsoft's HQ. A subtle one, don't miss it!
The feature I want to see added is the ability to search along my route for something. Say I'm going to make a four hour drive to somewhere and along the way I want some mexican food. I'd love the option to search for a mexican restaurant that is no more than a 5,10, or 15 mile detour from my route at any given point along the way. 
Wouldn't it be nicer if the default was to accept the new route and pressing no before the timer ran out would cancel the change? Why would anyone not want to switch to the faster route?
Decided to update while I was using it, great upgrade though. Thanks Google!
It never works out but I like having the option
+Google Maps  we need fully offline version (with Voice Guided Navigation) like Nokia's 'Here' maps.  I am ready to pay for that.
+Ran Manor , we also pressed Accept when Google said it's not responsible for any disasters caused by using it's navigation :)
No need to update the android app .... It's already implemented!
Will it work for Android 4.0+ or also on 2.3+ ?
I'm SE Asia, already updated since yesterday..
the Routes are clearer on Google Maps, I know @waze specializes in navigation but it doesn't show you whats around you, it doesn't have landmarks showing around you. Lets you are diving to certain location, and you are think to get a McDonald's drive through. If you drive by one on @waze you wouldn't know you past by it, but on Google maps you can see whats around you while driving to your desired location....
Nice! Will try that out. I tried Google maps walking directions but it was a pain in the a**
+Mark Meyer I really miss the Navigator's ability to basically just be a heads up display for traffic information.
+Gary Quick It's forced me into using Waze more, but Waze's maps are ugly and choppy in my opinion. 
Hax rerouted you guys to the side road leaving the main road clear for me ROFL!
I know Google doesn't give a crap about what we think but I really wish they would add the traffic layer back to Navigation so I can see how much red is ahead of me when I'm stuck in traffic (yes, I realize I can exit out of Navigation to see Traffic on the regular map, but that's not cool to do while driving)
+David Struff Not sure if I agree with the the first part but I'm definitely in agreement on the Traffic layer.
+Gary Quick if they actually cared, they would do something about people's requests to re-add beloved features they've removed. Such as the Traffic layer. And the old Latitude 
How about you add POI search while in navigation?
I use Tomtom and Waze. Waze was actually bougt by Google. I am happy with both of them.
I would still like to see more features from Latitude brought back!!!!!
Google place for business is still sht, has not been fixed for over 5 years. I am surprised 'competition' siting on their hands too.
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