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Hello Mappers!

With the holiday visitors on their way, it’s time to make your neighborhood maps as accurate as they can be. Today, Google Map Maker is introducing a new Review Experience, making it easier than ever to review edits by other mappers in your areas of expertise, and ensure the best local maps possible.

Learn more about specific changes to the Reviewing experience, from improved readability, to new reviewing options, on the Map Your World forum:

Happy Holidays and Happy Mapping from the entire Google Map Maker team!
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Loving Google Maps on my iPhone! Wo0T!
No more checking-in to help Google Maps,  let the iSheeple, iDiots and iLost wreck it, so you can learn a lesson!!!
oh the iHaters... so funny... We don't have a problem with Android. So funny. 
I have an iPhone because it was given to me and it works lol That's the only reason. Its just funny how everywhere I turn there is a war lol 

Can't we all just get along? :)
This is awesome for Google Trusted Photographers around the world!  Thank you!
I'm having trouble because I'm still being showed changes from my previous location of residence. I don't even have that location saved in my neighbourhoods.
I'd guess never, at least if they're smart.  There's some mobile OSM editors, but the precision of a finger on a tiny screen doesn't work out well.  It's more frustration than it's worth.
...if your country has been enabled for editing which most of Europe still inexplicably hasn't.
Gary Ng
+Google Maps any reason why I can't get the new GMaps app for iOS in Malaysia?
Nice! I have my hometown in Puerto Rico in the map thanks to you. Now I need some reviewers to get my edits added. Thanks or all you do. 
+Roberto Mariani Thanks, but I think we know where Map Maker is available, just never told a reason why.
Yes +Michael Harries, it hurts knowing deep inside that as soon as US are covered, Google thinks that most of the job is done.

And Italy mostly seems to arrive later than many other countries in the old continent. 
MapMaker for cough GERMANY, please.

I mean... WTF?! I could find all the usual suspects for international releases in the supported country list and tons more...
Germany however is notably absent. Y_Y
This is such a great map app. And the updates and addition of new features is way more than anyone else does with theirs. I love Google!
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