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In an effort to make our maps even more accurate and comprehensive, we’ve launched live road traffic in the United Arab Emirates and Kazakhstan. We’ve also expanded live traffic in Brazil, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Russia, Spain, and the US!
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Live traffic in São Paulo is easy, just mark all roads red. 
Well done! Go on Google! And please.. Maps for iOS!!!!!!!!
Next update add Bulgaria to the list :)
When will we have a new google maps app for the iPhone? Apple app sucks big time!
What about Riyadh it's the DC of Saudi Arabia. .!!?
+Google Maps Do you have information that you could provide that explains how you provide live traffic information? Where does the data come from etc?

Very interested to know how it all works. 
+Ray Wells - I read somewhere that it is based on the movement of the cars. If there is a flow in the traffic it is green, and if the traffic is basically standing still it is red. :-)
Thanks, Google... it was really expected for GDL, México. Now let's test it and check accuracy! There is good confidence on it!
+Patrik Hanson That's correct. But how does +Google Maps know that cars are moving or not? Where does it fetch the data from? I'm assuming they have connections to road authorities around the world that provide the data but I'm only guessing here.

Looking at Melbourne, Australia, they have traffic data for almost all cities roads from what I can see. That's a crap load of data they are getting from somewhere. I'm curious to know where.
When does the Google maps for iOS 6 release?
Woowww . . . . . . goggle is doing it big. Lovely 
Still there's no Google navigation feature yet in Malaysia. When are you going to give us that? 
Please bring more hiking and off road maps
+Curtis Skeels Interesting. Thanks for sharing. Old article but still provides a bit of information as to how it might be done. :)
Add more places of India and also update the satellite images they are very old.
Already using live traffic in Czech Republic. Thanks to Google, it's very usefull ;-)
Wai Kin
enable the streetview and navigation in Malaysia (or at least in Kuala Lumpur).
+Ray Wells -

"How do we get this information?

We anonymously combine speed and location information of GPS-enabled devices currently traveling on the road. This, combined with historic traffic data, helps us determine the traffic time estimate. IF you’d like to help make our estimates better through crowdsourcing and have a GPS-enabled phone, try using Google Maps for mobile the next time you’re in traffic."
Now you can see how the traffic is affected by suicide bombers, drug cartel killings and riots at U.S. Embassies. Was this anyone else's first thought? At least now you can check before which roads are affected and plan a way around them. Big ups to giving innocent people a tool to avoid danger or find a faster escape route. 
Turkey too please Google! we dont wanna use Yandex.
Goggle maps caught me masturbating (sigh)
I have used live traffic on google maps since last 3 months at least in Mumbai. Don't know why they are announcing now. Probably the traffic was too high and I didn't notice that it was not live.
Malta needs some attention, guys. Bing has better coverage there (probably thanks to Nokia's data).
Why Oman is left out. Please get Oman too... And Navigation also please., Let us know what is required we will help.
Sweet.. definitely useful..
Excellent. Are there plans for tiny little El Salvador soon?
Hi I URGENTLY need to erase my personal data from google maps I have crazy people calling me just for fun.. this is NO FUN ... I have no option to edit or remove my location once is on Google maps. please advice.
India.....!!! think billion times b4 saying dat word... :)
muy intuitivo.Buena noticia para los usuarios de IPad, no tanto para Apple.
Hey GOOGLE MAPS - I have tried to edit / erase my name from google maps since some people are using it to make stupid jokes.. - i cannot edit / erase my name from it.. please tell me what to do to erase my data from Google Maps.
Live traffic in Kazakhstan?
How did Google managed to track mules?
Can somebody tell how we can get traffic data on google maps to download for research work.
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