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On this day in 1577, explorer Sir Francis Drake set out for his around-the-world journey. Can you find him in the video ( and on Street View? 

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The statue is in Plymouth, UK inside Hoe Park. 
Because they just introduced Google Maps to those ungrateful bastards that use iOS.
On this day in 2012, the iOS world woke up and dumped Apple Maps.
+Kevin Michaels, yes its still here, second Wednesday of October. Still as much tat as ever... ;-)
Uhh, you guys do know that this particular statue is in Tavistock, it's not the one on Plymouth Hoe? It's on a roundabout on Plymouth Road, just a few yards from my old school...  .
Saul W
Woop Plymouth and Tavistock, my birthplace and home town! Live just a few minutes away from Drakes former home!
Sir Francis Drake el pirata, corta cabeza y roba tesoros de otros paises..deberian antes de hacer un monumento pensarse que valores tuvo ese personaje detras.
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