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Let's help +Timothy Shaw out, Maps community! How do you use Latitude? Share some of your uses and stories in the comments.

@Tim: A link to our Help Center to get you started:
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I use it on road trips. For example, when I drive up (5/12 hours) to visit my son at school, rather than having him text and ask me how far along I am every couple of hours (and me trying to text back while I'm driving...) he can just check where I'm at on Latitude.
I use it to meet up with friends and coworkers when we have plans. I love the "ping for check-in" feature, because it means I don't have to constantly share my location because friends who are looking for me can just ask!
I've used it a few times to verify my location for work/whatever.
I use it daily to keep a log of miles travelled in a month/year.
My favorite use is something I can no longer do. I went down to a big outdoor event where I was meeting some friends, it was the Highland games, so your regular landmarks wouldn't really work ("I'm next to the guy wearing the kilt."), so I just told my phone to give me the real time location of my friend and walked straight to him.
I used it help find my wife's phone. She lost it during a day of shopping and thankfully I got on Latitude and told her that she left if in a Kohl's parking lot. We drove back there and we drove the area she parked at and there it was laying by a bush!
It's a great tool to stay up-to-date about the whereabouts of a circle of close friends. Location history is an amazing extra feature.
I went to Iceland for a couple weeks last September, and summited a mountain near Akureyri with my cousin. I was out of reach of cell phone and data service obviously, but the GPS still worked. I just cached the map for offline access and was able to zoom in pretty close with that. Then when I got back to the US I couldn't remember the name of the mountain, and discovered that Latitude had recorded my path and uploaded it to my account when it got a data connection again, and I was able to go on and find the day I hiked it and found the name!
I use it basically to track myself. To generate stats. That I love so much. All the other use cases are great ideas too though.
My wife and I use it to know where each other are. I lie the history feature to remind me where I've been. I also have a custom Google map that I save places that I'd like to visit or restaurants I'd like to try.
I use it to see maps of where I've been, especially on trips. I'd been looking forward to this feature for years!
I use it often to find out where my various family members are. It is often helpful to check before I try calling one of them; if they are at home or if they are near another family member I can't get a hold of.
My son travels a lot for his work. I like knowing where he is. If he is abducted by aliens at least I will know the coordinates of his last known location.
My family uses it for security reasons, we live in Venezuela, where we have at least 60 kidnaps daily. For us is very important to know where are we at any given moment.
to log my commuting every day, or to look for places to eat, although it frequently gets lazy and tilts. busy satellites? funny to admit, my brother and i got to meet at the sports game: he easily spotted me thanks to latitude.
I like Glympse when I'm headed for an appointment with a client and want them to know that I'm on schedule for the meeting. For general tracking, I prefer Latitude.
We just use it within our family. It is useful for travel (knowing that someone has arrived safely), coordinating arrivals when coming from different directions, knowing that a spouse is heading home after work, etc. An invasion of privacy? One member of the family feels that way and doesn't share her location. It feels too much like stalking to consider trying to use outside of the immediate family.
That's the nice thing about it. You can opt out if you don't want to share.
It helps me keep track of when I worked at different locations. Very useful product :)
I only use with people that are family, or people who are that close. I love it for general tracking. I also use it as a conversation starter. I ask people what they're doing at a specific location. Ive been using it since it launched.
+Timothy Shaw I use it on a daily base to see where my friends are and check if they are in town or close to me, so we can meet for a drink. I have several colleagues who are travelling quite often and by using Latitude, I know if they are in town or in a different time zone. So I don't wake them up, not knowing that they are already/still at sleep because they are on the other side of the world.

I don't feel bothered by privacy issues. I have nothing to hide and my buddies feel pretty much the same.

I would love to see tighter integration with Google+. In combination with Calendar and Places, we would be able to schedule events

For example:
- Meet for dinner next Thursday at 6 p.m at Place XYZ in Zurich.
- Ping my contacts of Circle ABC, which are currently in town, to meet in 20 min. at location D for a beer.

What's also missing: I want to see my Latitude buddies in a Map inside the Google+ application. This would be nice!
I sometimes use it when meeting up with cycling friends, or if my wife has gone out on a ride and it looks like rain, I can keep track of whether she needs a ride home.
I use it to track my family or close friends while we're about to meet, or while I'm in town where I have friends, to see where are they and if there's a chance to meet - pretty useful tool anyway
+Alex Reusch. I don't mind the privacy issues either. And I'm a big time privacy rights guy. I have nothing to hide. I actually like the reciprocal sense of security it provides myself and my close friends and family. Sounds strange (especially coming from me) but I love that they can see where I'm at without even asking me.
I use it all day long on my phone, none of my friends/relatives uses though. The biggest problem is that it cunsumes lots of battery.
Instead of trying to +1 all the comments, I'll say here thank you all for the feedback on how you use it. It has given me ideas on how I could use it and confidence that it is a used tool that probably won't get archived soon, so spending time getting used to it won't be a waste of time.
I use it whenever I go out on a long bike ride, so someone at home knows where I am whether I stuck to my planned route or not. It's been very helpful to be able to send my location to someone when I was stuck and couldn't fix my bike.
Glad to see so many great uses for Latitude. While I can't say what we're working on next; our team is super duper excited about the cool stuff on its way!
I have added my friends to latitude in order to help find each other when trying to meet up in a busy area. It helps a bit when you can see on a map where you and they are. Also I use it for going on trips to let family know where I am as a safety measure in case something were to happen to me they could at least find me on latitude as well as show how long it will be til I get to their house
Fantastic use-cases, all! This gave us a few ideas too ;)
One of my most used apps on my phone. I love it. Just wish Google integrated it more into other products so more people used it.
Used to use it to know when my wife had left the office so I could start dinner and have it ready for her when she got home.
It's never been off since my first Droid (original), 134,203 miles (91,419 more to the moon). The main use is for my wife and family to know where I am when I'm out running and/or traveling. I personally don't have a need to use it with friends, only family members.
I started using Latitudes only recently. While I like it, not many of my friends use it. Still, I like the idea of being able to track where and when I have been lately.

p.s. how do you check - in to your home without the use of gps? wifi and 3g mark my location a bit off, so it never offers to check me in.
I use it to find out where I was, especially in my area that I do not know her very well. see a close friend to me and knew of the existence of family members, my family is also important to monitor where I am when I'm doing a trip out of town.
I use it mainly between my wife and teenage son so we always know where each other are, helps with planning our day, knowing when your family will be home. I also share with a couple of close friends just for a laugh. I'm also sharing with a couple of random foreigners, just because, like me, they share a common interest in the technology. It's interesting to see strangers go about their travels and wonder what they're up to, similarly they must wonder about my day. Personally I think it's harmless and don't concern myself with so called privacy issues, nobody has ever been bothered enough about my mediocre life to track me down in the three or four years I've been using it.
I primarily use Latitude when meeting up with friends so I don't have to keep texting back and forth or calling to see where they are. Most of my friends only selectively use it when we agree to meet up, and I have also used it when we are driving in separate cars. It is a GREAT tool to know where the other vehicle in your party is currently at. However, most of my friends only use it when they need it, and they otherwise turn it off. My other use is to keep track of my activity of everywhere I've been and for that my Latitude is always ON. One year, I didn't remember what I did for Thanksgiving, and looked it up online to refresh my memory! I've also used it to retrace my trips around the US and even to Australia & Canada (of course with locally purchased SIM cards and data plans as I'm not rich!). I, too, would cry if Latitude was shelved. :( However, I wish there was more control in updating intervals in Latitude on the Android app like they have in the iPhone app! That part boggles my mind!
I use Latitude when running relay races. Nice easy way to see where everyone is at so we make sure we get vans to where they need to be on time :P
I use it to keep the wife updated when I am travelling.
The fiance and I are in a long distance relationship, and always travelling. It's a nice way to keep in touch without always emailing/calling/texting and asking "So where are you?" If he's out with friends, I know, and will wait until he's home before calling him to talk. Also - I have used Latitude to give direction to people when they are driving and because of lousy internet connection, can't access Maps. It's super handy as well when meeting up with a bunch of people - instead of having to constantly call and text "We're five minutes away" I can SEE that they're five minutes away.
I activated it on my girlfriend phone, she don't know anything about it. so I spy on her where abouts.
1. I like knowing where I've been and how far I've traveled.

2. When I travel my family can see where I am.

3. I can tell when my wife is still at work or at the store. No need to call her, I know she's working late.
me and the family know where each other are. pretty cool
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+Taraka Anil Sabbineni you're right. Unfortunately, Google does not the best job in advertising Latitude. In my opinion, Latitude is a very Android bound product, that only a few "geeks" seem to know. Most people simply don't know about it...

I think that Latitude has not yet made it to the Google+ community, which I believe would be a key factor for it's success. Today, you still manage your "Latitude Friends" separately, instead of Google+ identities. Latitude should become a Google+ standard service, just like Hangouts and Photos etc. OK, maybe not in it's current product format, but as part of something bigger???

As we all know, one missing piece of Google+ is "Events". Why not create a new Google+ product that combines all the great Google products like: Latitude, Maps, Places, Calendar, Messenger & Gmail? It would allow to create and schedule all kind of events including detailed maps and place information as well as geolocation information of people.

You could also add voting or polling function in event scheduling for all kind of purposes. For example: schedule meetings (who can attend on which time/location), define discussion topics, to get structured feedback etc. This allows real interaction for creating events. After all details are discussed, the event is created and added in the calendar for the people who can/want to join.

You could also create instant events using Latitude information (for example to meet for a drink with your friends that are currently in town. Using Places information, you could then propose some locations and by instant voting, decide where to go. This goes far beyond "ping for check-in".

Or simply find an event on the fly, based on people with the same interest using Latitude information. For example: On which party in an area of 2 miles are people that I like? People should also be able to share event ratings. For example when they check-in to a location, they can give feedback of the current situation and mood. So you know, which event really rocks and which sucks.

I think you got the idea... :-)
My wife and I use it to optimize dinner timing. We can put the finishing touches on the food and get everything ready without calling or distracting the other person during the drive home.
Latitude is good, and I especially like the privacy control/notification, and use my personal history. But, it's the same Google issue of lack of integration. Why's it not added into Google maps, forcing me to open a separate browser window and/or app?
Latitude a bit boring in compare with foursquare, there is no people who left comments,bad design,weak functionality, impossible to correct venue from main site from computer, no badges or something, not interesting, nothing special in shorter words. Till now I don't use it but hope it'll be corrected.
I use it for Navigation training in the woods. I can keep track of my students now - and they don't get lost as easy.
I wish latitude was more integrated with plus. I see great potential, as it shows check in points from other plus users in latitude, but no connection in plus.
I've noticed my Google talk location status doesn't update as often, even after checking in, it still shows the previous city even hours later. +Google Maps can you look into this? Should even be integrated with Talk as a standard option.
I use it to see if friends are near so i can suprise them to go get a drink or lunch. also i need it to keep track of my location history which saves my butt for work. i would like to have a feature where my phone would notify me if a friend is close to me.
My fiance and I used to plan arrival times for when friends are coming over, or simply while I'm on my way home from work when she making dinner. I liked the following in real-time option that used to be there, what happened to that?
Latitude used to show me which of my contacts are already using it before I added them. Is it just me, or has that feature disappeared? Was very useful because I don't want to bug people to use it if they're not already using it.
To look back what route we ride on our motorcycle :)
The battery consumption is too heavy to a everyday use, a shortcut to put in desktop to activate it will be great, also the capabilitie ON in charge only or in car mode
Julz C
What about the history of latitude? How much does it show. If I left it on for like a day, would my employer be able to check back in, and see that I was with a client for a specified amount of time? Would I need to check in or how does that work?
Your phone automatically reports your location like every 1/2 to 1 hour without manually turning on GPS. And he can see your history if you turn on your report from this device in maps settings.
So now that latitude is gone how do we keep track of friends & family?
Any way to auto import/add my existing friends from Latitudes?
Because not all of my friend know about Google Plus. They're just familiar with Google Maps/Latitudes.
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