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This just in: Santa has opened his Village for the world to see in preparation for his annual world tour at

The Village tour includes: Reindeer games, free calls from Santa, & some elf surprises. One elf overhead Santa: "Ho ho ho, who wouldn't go?"
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He won't make it. The world is ending this Friday!
I love it. So creative! Thanks for brightening the holidays google
this reminds me of the movie 'Polar Express' seen in 3D few years back. It was an amazing experience!
+Andrew DeFaria because the internet says so?
Check the facts before trying to further spread internet hyperbole

Nice job google team, it looks great, i shall show my nephew when im with him and im sure he will love it :-)
This is pretty much why google is awesome :) thanks guys
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you.
I am not rich of words to express my love to Google. But this is the most awesome present it made for its users. Merry Christmas! :)
How do we track in Google Earth on Android?
We are without broadband on 21st until Feb so we only have mobile devices to rely on. Your page says it can be tracked by Google Earth Mobile in 3D, I have it on my Nexus 4 but cannot see how I would track them and your site doesn't help out in any way
anyway i can set the coundown timer to london time?
fun while playing racing game
+Pete Keeley he sets off at the same time from the North Pole to New Zealand etc no matter where you are.
Well I hope some one is coming and not the usual SOB of the YEARS end:: Some cheer and wine - for all! 
Really Google is know for these types of creativity... That's why it paragon.
NORAD should sue they have been doing this for years ;) 
Games are awesome...Really they are superb time-pass for holidays...
Thanks for coming out with the new iPhone app!  
The only reason they went with bing is the government has a contract with Microsoft. And dell. 
Now how cool is that. Even theo I am jewish thst is very nice. 
I'm so thrilled Google is helping with Santa calls again. Everyone will get a call! 
Felices fiestas que el niño jesús llegue a renacer en vuestros corazones, que nos unamos al rededor de la mesa y agradezcamos por todas las cosas buenas y por todosqlos obstáculos que hemos tenido,xq en ellos están el crecimiento de cada una de las personas!!!!!! Felices Fiestas a todos los hombres de buena voluntad en el mundo!!!!!
sending this to all my little cousins, (even if they do not speak english). thanks.
Hey Google, I sent myself a message just to hear it after sending a few to family members. I clicked the link to unsubscribe/opt out by accident. Is there any way to opt back in? I'd like to receive any emails sent to me from Santa.
Fun but crashes on Nexus 7 :(
fab lots of prezies to come yet for me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol
Bing isn't great, but can imagine the calamity that would have ensued had Santa gone with Apple Maps?
Does Santa know where is the stock of Nexus 4? We don't want them for free, we wanted to pay for them to get the phones as Christmas presents but Google has ruined our Christmas due to their inability to put the Nexus 4 back to sale in time.
كل عام وانتم بألف خير
yes, thats true
Hey,Santa,where's my train set you "forgot" when I was 8 ?! Huh ?! What ?!
I think Waldo's in there...somewhere.
like it........'''''''']]]]]!
it is a good website i dont like bings santa tracker
So my child apparently tried putting her birthdate in on the santa call and now any email address I open up says 'sorry little elf...' is there a way to fix this?
Of course Santa's real, Hanna!  I've got the same problem as Becca, any fix for the little elf block?
Ibs TV
I don't really think it is
Hooray is the Christmas weekend, good cheer to all
I love it and it makes the holiday for my kids.
did my account infor safet? someone can loin and se my account.

wo next year  lets see if he beats his record
Ok thats nice...have a bless&pprosperous 2013everyone!!!
cant wait till next year guys can u wait??? !!!
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