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Google Maps 6.5 for Android is now available for download in +Google Play ( Devices with a high pixel density phone get a cleaner, faster map style and users of Navigation on a device with Android 4.0+ will see a redesigned home screen.

Speaking of Navigation, we're excited to share that Navigation on Google Maps for Android has provided 50 billion kilometers of turn-by-turn direction--the equivalent of 130,000 trips to the moon, 334 trips to the sun, 10 trips to Neptune or 0.005 light years!
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Those stats are incredible! From a personal perspective, I haven't used my TomTom satnav in an awful long time. Navigation on Google Maps for me!
I just wish it had the ability to shut off the screen (instead of simply dimming it) when not actively providing guidance, and switch it back on in time for the next batch of directions. As it currently stands, using Navigation drains the battery in my Galaxy Nexus significantly faster than the car charger can replenish. :(
Love maps/navigation on Android, but how come distances in navigation show up in feet /miles when my locale dictates m/km? Works in Maps proper and in Latitude. Please fix :)
Navigation still ends the proces when i want to typ a destination..
Need to restart the proces about 5-6 times and then it finally works.. still does it with this update..
+Adric Norris I had the same problem. Got a 1amp car charger, that helped -- went from draining to charging. Rooted and didn't reinstall all the apps I'd had before, and that made a big difference in battery life overall.
please open it up for Hong Kong.. please
+Adric Norris even more, I'd like a "saving mode" that saves battery by not using the GPS if I have to keep straight for many kilometers.
Update has some issues on my tablet.. Zooming in with satellite view is no longer possible on my Transformer Prime but it appear it still wokr on my phone.
wait for the S3 and you'll be a much happier man ;)
Navigation on my Android, such as it is, Sanyo Zio, has been pretty good. Will upgrade soon, so it can only get better? Cool.
I have it too and Google could've made an awesome phone of it.. but in some ways it disappoints me..
Agreed. I call it my "starter" Android phone.
Very cool...think video should be subtitled: "Take that, Siri!" :-)
Having issues installing to Galaxy Nexus as well. Kept getting an error in the Play store on my phone. Went to the Web Play store and installed it from there.
Please bring navigation to more countries! Without that, Android devices are missing one of the most useful feature for a mobile, smart device! Android is not Android...
When will navigation be available in MALTA please???
Could you explain why bycicle direction has been remove in France? I was hoping to get it back with this last update but no.
Wish they could provide a way to handle incoming calls while in Navigation. I always seem to receive calls when I'm near a junction and suddenly cant see which route to take due to the call screen blocking the Navigation screen.
Simple clickable line across the bottom of the Nav screen would do the job.
hola soy de PERU y tengo un Galaxy Fit y me gustaria que la app la hagan mas ligera para los terminales de esta gama ya que es una app super y que sea mas rapida al ncontra la uvicacion con el GPS
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Finally ! It's ok ^^
Thank you for this update

after a factory reset (due to repair) I'm not able to update to any newer version of Google Maps then the pre-installed one. Google Market says that Maps (I suppose the newest one) is not compatible with my Sony (Ex-)Ericsson X10 Mini Pro running on Android 2.1 (API7).

Where can I get the latest compatible Maps version from?

Google, please don't be evil and help me!
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