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Today we announced that Google Maps 8-bit is finally coming to NES. Our engineers in Japan have partnered with Nintendo and Square Enix to make this happen. Read more on Lat Long:

While not available today you can trial 8-bit maps on your browser:

Also please report any bugs or dragon sightings on G+ with #8bitmaps
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Will it work on a 7-bit NES too? One of my bits fell off a few years ago.
"Blow to remove bugs" - A classic if there ever was one!
Awesome. This reminds me the old games and the 8 bit sound.
i smell an april fools day
above and beyond with this april fools gig, congrats!!
Not sure why, but 8-bit Street View doesn't work on my Chrome (latest version), but works fine on Firefox.
Hmmm... I wonder if my Atari will load this up. I'll have to pull it out of packing and fire it up. Oh wait, I don't have a phone line anymore for my modem. OH WELL.

Kinda looks like if you make the motif "night time" -- it would be just like playing Ultima again. Any way you guys could work in some Orcs and other baddies? (You could make them look like Chicago Aldermen)

Should have released a .NES Rom for it :P
ahh well, this one looks like Google cooked something for April Fools Day....
Please implement Mode 7 graphics if the user's got opengl enabled. I will then switch to this permanently :D
I think we should remember what day it is tomorrow... :P
Oh my god. Its so realistic! My mind has been blown! You see all those chunky giblets all over the place, that is my mind after watching this video.
I absolutely love this ^_^
Hooooo yo lo queiro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :O :D
My little house looks pretty.
Gary F
So I was playing around with this and I was noticing a shortcoming. It notifies me when a route has tolls, but what I really need to know is when a route has trolls.
Do you have to blow on it to make it work?
Is there any award for most funniest gadget of the year?
Yes. April Fools. In Japan it's April Fools day already. That's why only Japanese engineers appear in video.
A bit early for April Fools, isn't it?
usually it is hard for me to figure out your April fools but this year was so easy :)
This is hilarious!!! Wish my NES still power supply died!
+Jeremy Clements The title screen, music, terrain, menu, and player character are all taken from Dragon Quest :D AND GO TO GOOGLE MAPS NOW, IT ACTUALLY WORKS
finally everything anyone EVER wanted.(so what)
What a waste of resources, I've been waiting years for imagery update of my City while you guys are literally playing games, retro games. The super geek attitude of Google infuriates me.
Greg D
It's free, they can do what they want.
jajajaja que mamada!!! ya se me habia olvidado los tiempos de "soplale al cartucho para que funcione" jajajajaa
This makes me want to play Dragon Warrior
Very cool, you made google maps funner to use!
Wait a minute. This is Famicom the NES doesn't have a microphone.
Kenna K
this soo reminds me of mario bros
Awesome! can't wait to play it!
I just completed a quest from Missouri to Florida, but the route has tolls. If it's a quest, then maybe it should have trolls! haha
Kenna K
is it just supposed to be a game? if so, sounds cool
I think that this is an April Fools joke. I hope it's not, though! :D
+1 for the blowing on the cartidge joke. +3 for the dragon warrior graphics and music.
not again, "gmail motion" lol
Please do not discard this 8-bit mode on Google Maps. Put it on a separate page like you did with the Pacman doodle. Thank you :)
That is awesome. Google you sure have a good sense of humor.
Google you never fail us :) . Well with the exception of google search results decreasing :(
This needs to be a rom for the SNES emulator apps.
OMG O_O Streetview in 8-bit too! I can't believe you are done this!
April prank by google
I will try an c, how good google maps is soon
That's ridiculous! You guys must do more useful things. For example: We can't use Street View in Turkey! I don't want to use Yandex Maps. But in Turkey, Yandex Maps better than Google Maps. Google should pay attention to Turkey. They can lose lots of users in time.
Ah... 3½ hours to go before I can accept a post like this one! ,-)
have u seen the street view in 8 bit? awesome haha
Ok, that one is REALLY impressive. It will be hard to do a better April 1st joke than this one!!!!
Damn, I need to get me that new 8 bit technology. Some awesome sounds and graphics.
Amusing. Now, I have a question...
The idea of having the popup in Google Maps keep asking me to "Start my Quest"... possibly the worst spam ever! Damn you, Google! When you are acting this stupid, it is time to sell my stock!
Blow the cartridge!!!!!! Hahaha awesome google!
is (reloads Naked Eye By Oxford Youtube tab) it real? (Blows 19 year old NES and tests it with Super Mario Bros and works.)
please keep it as a standard feature and add a mobile version for android! :'D

You guys rock!
I hope they keep this feature available. I see direct links still work, but I couldn't find an option to turn it on through the standard interface. ;)
+kc ochibili. Dude of course I knew it was a joke. I love Dragon Warrior.( my version ) I love +Google Maps too. Ive been a fan of everything Google for 12 years.
ppppppppppppppplllllllllllllllllllzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz make it online again and if it is ssend me a link pppppppppppppppplllllllllllllllllllllllllllzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
We can all tell that it was April fools look at the date of "Mar 31. 2012"
Obviously... But it was an awesome April fools.
And unlike the Google Nose April Fools joke which was just a funny joke, Google Maps 8-bit was [sorta] actually implemented with features!  And I wants it now and forever.
They could keep the treasure map tile set too. Just assign the 8bit map to a new ID.
Bring it back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Loved that
I really love that shit!
+馬卓 - check out maps today.  They've added a Pokemon game to it for April Fool's.  :)  The Googleplex is the Pokemon HQ lol
Bring this back please... this was awesome and I would love to try it again.  I love the pac man mode though!!
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