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The Google Crisis Response team has just launched a new map featuring relevant information related to the wildfires spreading through Colorado and Utah. View perimeters of the fires from the U.S. Geological Survey, Red Cross shelters in affected areas, and new satellite imagery of Colorado from DigitalGlobe, of the Waldo Canyon Fire near Colorado Springs.

Visit the map:
Learn more on the Lat Long Blog:
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Matt C
Thank you for doing this! My grandmother evacuated to Lakewood from the Colorado Springs area a few days ago.
awesome use of technology - proud to be a part of the Google community right now!
 I can smell the smoke from where I live in Utah.
Matt C
It turns out her house is located about 2000-3000 feet from the eastern boundary of the Colorado Current Fire Information polygon in Colorado Springs. Thanks again!
Can users add this data via Google map maker?
Could You make tips (like when I'm writing e-mail adress on GMail) to "places" and "event name" in Google Calendar when I'm making new task, please?
Thanks for the great resource, very much necessary right now and prob'ly in the future. Google is only one capable enuf and insightful enuf to know this is so much needed, thanks again Google.
Where are you young man? Close by? Contact me at Google + 
I love this service.  I used it to follow the developments after the Joplin tornado.
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