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20 seconds for midday. A zoom in to the watch of Zurich Main Station that lasted 0.6s at f29 is our Panoramio Photo of the Week. This is one of the best shots from last week's #zurichwalk2012 and personally my favorite!
For information on photo events, check and join us next time!
Posted by +Gerard Sanz, Panoramio Community Manager
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why my photo can not display in google maps?disappoint!
+Liang aloNgR the photo was uploaded only 5 days ago. Building the photos layer both in Google Earth and Maps may take a bit longer. I would suggest you to check during next week, and if it still is not there send me a private message and I will verify it for you specifically ;)
+Google Maps Is there vegatation map of google maps for scientists, botanists etc..?It would be great to see types of vegetation around the globe with their scientific names and pictures on google maps.
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