Want a faster way to get from #Snowdon to #BreconBeacons? It’s 21 minutes by dragon you know... → goo.gl/Mqpr7n
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No dragon option on mine :-( 
No dragons in the mobile app.. Where did you guys find it?
+Mary Taylor..as you type on your device which requires electricity...and a network connection
I don't trust any dragons with fewer than 5 heads. Can't trust 'em.
fly dragon line........
is this have to be on pc?
Türkiye istanbul taksim

For the uninitiated who don't know this is St Davids Dragon and I had this on my St Davids school blazer and cap. Dragons rock BITCHES!
Дракон? Оригенально, ещё птиц, ельфоф, Гендальфа и Сапоги-скороходы!
 ???.          yes  goods/2014r.
does that animal existed before?
Game of thrones ftw... Google making some dough
+Road King Al fun? For some of us this is a serious emission from Google maps. Dragon flight times are hard to figure at the best of times.. ;)
Yep still looks like my ex wife lol
Il peccato di maps e che non si può salvare mappe offline più grandi. ...... veramente un peccato! !
The information you provide just shows how reputable you are Google. Not very reputable. Improve your ways
Please put avoid toll roads back the way it was you check it ones and it stays, and I don't have it anymore in the new maps. We all need and want this back I got a ticket because that way gone.
Where to rent a dragon :-o
Come to my page look up some amazing T-shirt 
After their Loch Ness Monster between Fort Augustus et Urquhart Castle...
Love Google
+James Bush Good to see you said " Welsh thing" not many people who are not from Wales would of said Welsh lol. 
I am only 5' 5" and they call me a monster, how about that?
I'll stick with the train. Probably safer!
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