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Introducing quick facts, a new way to get answers on #GoogleMaps for desktop.

Learn more about the world's largest religious monument and the temples of
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If I may ask politely when do you plan on giving us our prize for the Pokémon master challenge? I posted on the thread in time and have received neither email nor notification.
Memory Pond in Washington was inspired by Angkor Wat.
Museumplein Pond in Ajamsterdam was inspired by Memory Pond.
Every work of art in Ajamsterdam is inspired by something in a country far away.
o princípio dá sabedoria eu silêncio e o inimigo do sábio ea perturbação.
The mystery is: how did the engineers align the 8km long western pond precisely along the geographic east-west direction back in the 12th century without GPS? You can check it with Google Earth and enabled longitude/latitude grid lines.
Google Maps, you suck. I hate you. Your directions took us, literally, over an hour out of the way. And they caused much stress which led to tears and for that, I am very angry with you. Good day.
Is there a way to comment on or correct the "Quick Facts" about a place shown in google-maps? Sometimes it is incomplete, or the information is outdated.
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