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Here's our Map of the Week!
Map of the Week: Bostonography Neighborhoods (
Why we like it: This is a unique solution to an old problem. We really like the use of drawing tools to collect information and Styled Maps to help the data stand out better. 

In almost every city, there is some disagreement as to where one neighborhood ends and another begins. Furthermore, as is often the case, reputable sources have differing neighborhood lines. In reality there are no physical lines on the ground clearly defining neighborhoods, however these hypothetical boundaries do have a real impact on local economies, politics, and identity. Bostonography has set out to solve this problem by creating a tool to collect as many neighborhood definitions as possible. 

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This could revolutionize the way zoning is done. It would identify neighbors ripe for mixed use space and others that have the potential to be resuscitated. 
Shared this around my work, Data Driven Detroit.  Detroit has neighborhoods, but it is really hard to tell in some areas if they are still identified with a longstanding neighborhood name by the people who actually live there currently.  And then really at other areas, if the neighborhood exists at all anymore.  We are looking at implementing this type of a website in order to get community feedback.
You do know that latitude doesnt work on jellybean ? Fix it please
How come google maps navigation isn't working on my X2?
+Jonas Van Dorpe  I know a few other people who've updated and have the same problem so I guess your the lucky one.. It's the widget that isn't working.. latitude itself does work yeah
why is google map maker in Germany not available???
Question about using a Google Maps aerial view as starting point for an illustration on a web page: This illustration would not use any interactivity with gmaps. Does this fall under fair use and do I need to obtain permission, if so where and how?
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