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So no one told you life was gonna be this way (clap clap clap clap ) #streetview
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is this the apartament of "Friends" fiction, isn't it??
(Joey's voice) Grandma's chicken salad...
Could Street View BE any more fun ;)
Sometimes I report faults in +Google Maps. Together with such reports I often refer to missing sights nearby. The faults are accepted but the sights not. What's the reason for this? Sure, the sights are not a big thing like the famous "Tour Eiffel" or things like that but don't you need every information for great user experience? Thanks :-)
Really needed a reminder of that horrendous show.
Du Jing
Your job's a joke, you're broke, you're love life's DOA.
Together warm sentiment cartographic annotations. We took a leaf out of Joey's book and used a thesaurus to say that "we love Maps".
Friends? .... meh

Show us Sheldon Cooper's apartment
Shouldn't there be 5 claps?
+Google Maps Actually because of my sister, I've heard that song soooo many times that I can replay it in my head anytime without the need to watch the video so I knew it's four times right away! Kudos to your team for being technically correct!
+Andy Hunt many of us thought it was 5 too and quite surprised when we learned it's just 4.
I'll be there for youuuuuuuu......... :-D
Hampton street Birmingham UK

*So sorry my mistake the song only has 4 claps (the 4 semiquavers/ 16th notes at the end) on the original recording. I have a version of the Rembrandt's singing it live where they clap below. #Embarrassing
+Google Maps as a musician, you got your claps wrong.
Clap----- clap-----clap-clap-clap-clap.
Very cool though. ;-)
Ha I once used +Google Maps to check out the HIMYM address...But Friends is still the best!
this photo makes me remember the happy and funny moments I spent with FRIENDS.
+Frank S It already says "© 2012 Google" in the bottom left corner. Isn't that enough?
+Frank S Why do you think that this was taken from google drive?  Or are you just making that statement in general.  Even so, if I am not mistaken, photos and files in your google drive are only accessible to the public if you share them with the public.  
I don't know if that is the building but it is
don´t mind ugly naked guy, maybe a nice group went to live there
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