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Help us keep Google Maps up-to-date when you see an error, use the “Report a problem” tool to let us know you’ve found a mistake. 

For more information visit the Google Maps Help Center:
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I've reported a few problems but not all of them have been fixed.  Does someone at Google actually try to find the correct information, or do they depend solely on us users?  I always try to submit corrected info, but sometimes I can't find anything online for new businesses.
I've reported a problem three times (a business that actually exists was for soime reason merged on Google Maps with a different business). Six months and still pending review.
I've used the "Report" tool to inform Google Maps about a new on-ramp that  opened this spring  near my home, and they took care of it. The Map Maker community had drawn up the lines and whatnot, but Google needed to take the next step of "blessing" the ramp for directions and Navigation.
Yup, I've probably submitted 5 updates so far and they always get taken care of. Thanks!
We submit duplicate listings all the time and they never get fixed. Why would a 3rd party listing with wrong information list ahead of the verified listing that is correct and constantly managed?
WFM. 2 months from report to "you are right"; 4 months more to 'it is done". Seems a long while for something I can see everyday but in context of the world, I am amazed I got any attention.
The report a problem tool is very poorly set up for incorrect neighborhood names in cities.
I use it. It's a nice feature. Good to rely on users sometimes.
I've seen up to 1-2 month turnaround for these, and occasionally they don't fix properly. Map maker was lots faster, new address started geocoding properly within a week, modified park boundary within days. Always include link to authoritative source in comments.
+Geoffrey Zub I did make an update for the Mount Vernon Triangle neighborhood in DC, and it is searchable, but the Mount Vernon Square name is still there.  At some point they have got to get official neighborhood names right when it's been reported several times and edited through Map Maker.  The worst part is that the neighborhood name has been official for 10 years now.
I just finished a project and during I reported a few problems.  I did get a response:  

Thank you for reporting this problem. Unfortunately, at this time we have conflicting information regarding the problem you reported, and so we can't make the change you requested. Please double-check your description of the problem:

  [ Marker is not placed in the proper place. I passed the location and goes beyond the major cross street of xxxxxxx Road ]

If you feel that additional or more specific information might change our minds, please feel free to send us another note 
Thanks for helping us to improve Google Maps! 

So you see they won't take my word for it.  

 My activity activated that prove your not a robot thing... Never saw it before, then it just showed up.
+Z Chipman, I got a similar experience during my last update, but from a moderator or something. I was removing an entry on the map and got questioned for it.
Now, how do I know that the entry is wrong? I live in that area.
I keep reporting an error with business info and once it was rejected and seems to be ignored in subsequent tries.
I think +Google Maps should rewards those people who report any problem on google map. I have reported a few error before but I have never received any thank you email.
Thanks to +Google Maps for considering Android 2.1 update for my Xperia X8! However after update, i have to remove some "not-so-used" apps as update costs lots of spaces. These days Apps need lots of space. Bu the way Google+ should think same like +Google Maps for update support of Android 2.1 
I agree with most of the above comments above.. I reported many a times for some errors but got no positive response despite the error reported being totally authentic.
Maps mobile crashes when you select cache from settings menu after update
I did this last week and got a reply on the same day reporting they were working on the problem.
I've reported many an error in the past and you guys are usually on the ball about it thankfully since I rely on you guys for my job.
yes, it's a good thing. Google maps is very useful 
I've added data to Google Maps using mapmaker and I'm waiting weeks before someone responds. I hope someone can help me on this.
I've reported an error, but google told me I was wrong. Heh. I've driven these roads for 7 years now, almost daily. I'M wrong?  Instead of taking the "highway" (the main route through town - 25mph) where there are no stop signs, Google says the quickest route is to turn right, then left (Stop Sign), then right, then left (Stop sign), then right, then left through the back roads, in residential areas. Where, instead I could just stay on US41 in Hancock, MI, which only has one curve to the right (not a turn), and then turn left (the same left at the very end of the stupid-long directions above).  Yes, it MAY be the shortest distance, but it is NOT the quickest! Not to mention, the 'stupid-long' route involves steep hills that are dangerous in the winter, versus the gradual incline of US41.

I think the only way I'll prove this to them is to take a video of me driving both ways.   It's just a shame that all the tourists that come to town will want to follow that idiotic route because of Google Maps - and our economy is heavily tourist-based.
Report a problem is not available in Poland. And... in Help I could find a tip: if Report a problem is not available, report the issue via Known issue page. And... there I can find a list of known issue with a tip: if your issue is not here, please report the issue via... Report a problem. So, how can I report a problem?
speaking about Poland... why isn't A2 and A1 motorway included in route suggestions yet???
I've reported an incorrect address on my business listing. Google have called me 4 times to say they will update the listing but to date they have made no changes! :-(
What is the software he uses to correct it?
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