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To access Google Maps even more quickly on your iPhone or Android, pin it to your app dock! Simply make room in the dock for your app, then tap and hold the Google Maps icon and drag it to exactly where you want it in the dock at the bottom of the screen. #gmapstip
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lol ok. i still miss the shortcut for latitude which was killed a while ago. 
Google Maps! Google Maps! Google Maps!
Damn! Can't iPhone users bung it in a folder on their 'app dock' along with the rest of the Google apps?
I wish you'd represent the size difference accurately
+Justin Kromlinger If you had an Android, your dock wouldn't be full because you would have a space in one of the dock folders.
I have an android that wont be updated to 4.1. I dont have an app dock...thanks for nothin!
+Google Maps Unfortunately I had to disable Google Maps on my Nexus 4 (actually on two different devices) as it was draining battery (often more than 50%) without me actively using it.
I frayed to solve the problem by switches latitude or GPS on or off, but nothing changed. I already has sent feedback regarding this issue.
Are you fixing it? 
"and to turn on your phone, press the power button"
But Maps doesn't work on my Android device so I will pin Bing Maps there instead. Thanks for the tip instead of fixing the GPS issue with Maps.