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Dive underwater from the island of Bermuda with #StreetView. Explore the Mary Celeste Wreck (pictured) and more at

Taken in partnership with +Catlin Seaview Survey, this imagery highlights efforts to protect the waters around Bermuda. Learn more: 
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How cute!! An underwater garden with a fence. :-D
+Nathaniel Chattoo +Google Maps recently they care more about "design" and these ads instead of fixing basic flaws (offline maps, offline navigation, scale, horrible android integration etc etc) sadly
Bart J
You guys drove there with Google Street Maps car too?
John M
Awesome love photo
never expected google maps to do this.
Wow! Google ur incredible! U hv md the world so close & small! I cn reach any part of the world just sitting @ my hm!
Wow. Never thought I'd be lookin around the Mary Celeste wreck from my phone !!!!!! :-)))
This looks like a shipwreck I saw snorkelling in the Bahamas. I later learned it was fake and so was the plane right next to it :((
I'm lost, everyone was saying, wow, cool but the writer said that the shipwreck and the plane were fake. what is so cool or wow about it.
Privacy is slowly becoming something of the past
NSA is spying everywhere now more than ever
What are they planning?
I thought the remains of the Mary Celeste were off the shore of a small island near Haiti?
Google, so ... can we get paid apps in the Play Store here in Bermuda now that you have the reef and shipwreck hook-up?  Inquiry minds would love to know.
I would love to scuba dive and see such amazing sights, but my asthma prevents it.
I'm adding diving to see this underwater relic to my bucket list. 
That's beautiful and want to go see it.
I wish there's a map editor and sound navigation for android
Very nice,we have to take care of the coral ...
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gi yg berminat infestasi tanah pinggir pantai di kawasan lombok ntb hubungi 081907393347
that's what I said.:)
Wish I could be there now! Such beauty won't last long as the tides flow through, so glad you shared the picture! 
Wow... what a good job you guys are doing... street view on bermudas sea, while you still don't even make a offline maps available on Brazil.
Thanks for your effort... I will remember bermudas sea when I need to navigate at Sao Paulo.
How do I get a job doing this?!
Awesome that's where I live I'm a mermaid
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