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Heard about the new "Black Marble" imagery from NASA/NOAA?  Now you can explore this imagery in Google Maps - thanks NASA/NOAA for this data and amazing imagery! Explore in Google Maps:
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Esse Pi
Light pollution. :(
Because living in the dark ages was so much better? Sure, there was the black death, zero technology, hardship for all but kings and aristocrats. But, hey, there was NO light at night! 
The greatest problem is the visible difference between North and South, poor and riches ...
+Santoso Wijaya Just look at North Italy and then the rest of Europe, we dont live here in the dark ages, yet there are dark spaces. North Italy isn't as populated as e.g. the Ruhrgebiet, yet it is much brighter on this map....
And this is why it sucks to try and look up at the stars in a populated area. So much wasted energy.
Is it available as a layer in mobile? If not; consider that a feature request!
Is it available as a layer in mobile? If not; consider that a feature request!
Aliens could think: "So, this is at last where they live"
But nevertheless an amazing image
Yes, awesome! As soon as I heard about +NASA recording a nightly Earth, I was waiting for this to happen.
Thanks +NASA and +Google Maps! 
What's happening at the strait between South Korea and Japan there? :o
My bad, I keep forgetting switching off the lights...
How is Canada dark as hell???
below the line of ecuador whe are just little candles compared to the northern hemisphere countries. hope someday this whole planet shine like a burning sun!
looks like no one wants to live in the southern hemisphere. It must be cursed :)
MORE! How about a more detailed one? How good can you (Google Maps) make this?
In the middle of Australia, there are huge pieces artefacts by reflecting sun from lakes or something like this. No cities or artificial light here!! Fix This!
Well, obviously it can't be fixed now, but for real, what is the deal with all the lights in the Outback?  Could it be a crazy lightening storm or something?  The lights look like they conform to shapes like a cloud or something is obscuring them.
If you take a country i think India is the most lit country. Almost 95% lit
Cool...I set the blackmarble as my desktop. It illustrates human impact on the world in a visual way. All the lights, all the fossil fuel used to make that light, the idea boggles the mind.
That's cool. Interesting to see how much of the world is barren/unoccupied. Then to see how we are heavily concentrated in the corners.
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